So it all started today…

I want to say I was there, front row, wide-eyed, anticipating the cinematic experience that was about to change my life…I want to say that…but I’m 35, do the math…I’ll wait…carry the one, yeah, wasn’t born yet, but I saw this little tidbit on the mothership website and decided, “hey, I’ll start a blog today!” Cool story, I know. This is something I’ve been thinking about doing for quite some time, but hadn’t managed to work up the gumption. I’m honestly not sure what changed today, but I don’t really care either…and if I don’t care, you (by “you” I mean the potential reader, though I have a feeling I may be the only one that ever reads this so I’m basically talking to myself…as usual) certainly don’t care…so, moving on!

I think I’ll take this glorious opportunity to regale you (there I go again) with the story of how I became a Star Wars fan…are you ready? Here it comes…I had cool parents…I know, right? Weird. But yeah, I honestly can’t remember a time when I didn’t like Star Wars. It’s been a part of my life for as far back as I can recall. In fact, one of my earliest and most treasured memories involves sitting on the couch watching Star Wars, no particular movie, my memory isn’t that detailed, and, because I was too young to read it myself, listening to my dad radio-voice the crawl as it so epically marched up the screen. It made the experience interactive, important. This wasn’t just something I got plopped down in front of the flickering blue parent to watch, this was Star Wars. This took special care to setup. I won’t lie, I get a little misty thinking about it. Then I think about how I used to do the same thing for my dogs when I’d watch with them around and it becomes either “aww, cute!” or extremely weird and uncomfortable, depending on who you are, and that breaks me out of the nostalgia sniffles.

So, yeah, Star Wars. Always been a fan. That makes me pretty damn cool, if you ask me, and, since this blog is all about me, myself and Star Wars, I’m clearly the deciding factor on cool around here…anyway, that’s my post for today. Basically just a little introductory blerp to get started, no real meat to it, but I plan to post my opinions about all sorts of Star Warsy things going forward, including, but not limited to:  book and comic reviews and discussion, Rebels episode reviews and discussion, storyline hypotheses, rumor reactions, personal speculation and other stuff…I’m bored of making a list, but it’ll be cool stuff. We’ve already established that I’m cool, so no worries there…anyway (yeah, I say “anyway” a lot when I get off track, sorry in advance), I’m excited to put my thoughts down, and, hopefully, eventually, to hear what any of the yous out there have to say about them. But, until next time, may the Force be with you…


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