Nobody expects the Spani, er, I mean Female Inquisitor…

Yup, I’m gonna beat this dead horse…because, why not? I might have some new, fresh ideas on the subject that no one else has thought of…most likely not, but I don’t care…so, who is this lythe, tech-savvy inquisitor? First and foremost I think it’s definitely someone that’s been introduced in some why, shape, or form before, i.e. it’s not just some random character with no connection to anyone…if it is, I don’t think they’d bother masking her since the other two inquisitors have (or had, I guess) their faces out there for everyone to see…now maybe this will all be moot once we see the episodes and find out that she really doesn’t wear the mask much, she just happens to have it on during all the trailer scenes, but I doubt it. Besides, what fun is that? Star Wars has a history of intriguing masked figures, so what’s one more? Or two more if you count Kylo Ren…three if you count Captain Phasma…so yeah, masked figures are like Jello…now, without any further ado, let’s begin the guessing game!

Who I want it to be:  Dhara Leonis
OMG, right? RIGHT? Okay, seriously though, I think this would be a great way to keep things moving forward with the story and not, once again, have to rely on reaching back into the Clone Wars to pull content. Don’t get me wrong, I like everything I’ve seen with the addition of Clone Wars characters, but enough is enough. Things might get a little spoilery for the rest of this is you haven’t read the Servants of the Empire books that are out so far, so, if you want to avoid that, stop reading this section and skip to the next possibility…shoo, go on, get! Okay, if you’re still with me, then kudos to you for keeping up with as much new material as you can…or for not caring, either way is fine…anyway, we know that our boy Zare’s sister was essentially abducted into Project Harvester with the intent of crafting her into a specialized agent of the Empire due to her Force-sensitivity…ta da! Turns out she was an ace student and now she’s an Inquisitor. The only problem with this idea is timing…she’s only been in the program for about a year, so it’s somewhat unlikely she’d be ready; however, maybe the Empire is short-handed on Inquisitors and churning them out quickly to help squelch the ever-growing number of rebel cells popping up all over the galaxy, or maybe that’s why she has the droids…maybe they exist to make up for her quick turnover…they’re like Inquisitor training wheels, so to speak. Unfortunately for me, I don’t think the female Inquisitor is actually Dhara. I have a feeling they’re going to play that whole storyline out in the books and we’ll be seeing even less of the Leonises…Leoni…whatever, less of them in the series rather than more…but a guy can dream, right?

Who I think it is:  Barriss Offee
That’s right, we’re raiding the Clone Wars closet again and charging up another blast from the past. She was no longer a Jedi, in fact she was in Republic custody presumably, so she would have easily survived Order 66; she used explosives and nano-bots during her plot in the Clone Wars, so she has at least some background in utilizing technology; she was already trained and would be easy to sway the Empire’s way as she’d already fallen to the dark side and decided on her own to stand against the Jedi. Everything just kind of points to her being at least involved (I mean, I doubt the Empire would have just left her in jail, she seems like their kind of scum), and with all the other Clone Wars additions coming in season 2 it just makes sense. Further, it stands to reason that the Empire would have her in reserve for when things get really out of hand since she would, in theory, be the most well-trained Inquisitor they have…of course, it seems like they just skipped all other Inquisitors and sent Vader straightaway, so that theory is sort of Swiss cheese. Even still, I think she would fit the part well, and I’d be really interested in seeing how she’d react to seeing Ahsoka, and how Ahsoka would in turn react to realizing it was Barriss…definitely some ready-made dramatic tension there…oh, and one more thing, there’s a piece of concept art floating around the internet (if you think concept art is a spoiler then I guess skip to the next possibility…though, c’mon, it’s concept art…I mean, c’mon) shows a mask-less female Inquisitor with Ezra that just so happens to have what appears to be green skin…so, yeah, just saying…

Who I hope it isn’t:  Asajj Ventress
Like, really? This seems like the “you’re not even trying” choice. I was honestly a little disappointed that we didn’t get a scene in Clone Wars where Palpatine commanded Dooku to kill Ventress and then cackled while Dooku lopped off her bald, little head…but I digress…this would be pure “been there, done that,” territory for Ventress, why would she do it again? Do you really think given her history with the Sith that she’d be super eager to sign up for that again…do you think they’d even let her? I can imagine Vader or Palpatine killing Ventress on sight much easier than I can imagine them asking her to join up with them…it just seems lazy. Maybe there’ll be something in Dark Disciple that completely changes my mind, but I really don’t think so (and I really hope not…I’m very much into the idea of her being an unaffiliated bounty hunter…or assassin, if you will). As far as I can tell, the only thought process behind this assumption goes like this:
“hey, there’s a new female Inquisitor in season 2 of Rebels.”
While it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see her show up at some point during the series, I just can’t see it being as this character.

Who I really hope it isn’t:  Mira Bridger (Ezra’s mom)
I read a tweet about this some time ago and I just slumped in my desk and shook my head. (And then replied that it isn’t because it’s Dhara.) Sure, there are recurring themes in Star Wars, but do we really need to do this again with a mom instead of a dad? I can just see it now…
“Tseebo never told you what happened to your mother.”
“He didn’t have to, I know you took her!”
“No,” the female Inquisitor’s faceplate flips up, “I…am your mother!”
“That’s not true…that’s, wait, yeah, I can see your face and I remember what you look like, that is true…how weird is this?”
Anyway, this just wouldn’t resonate with me at all…Ezra’s parents are presumably picked up and imprisoned for speaking out against the Empire, for more or less being part of the first stages of any sort of rebellion, but you want me to believe that, while in their custody, the Empire realized Mira was Force-sensitive, managed to reprogram her from a rebel to a loyalist, and then trained her to be an Inquisitor…I just…no. Sure, they dangled that carrot out there by saying they’re still alive, but this can’t be what becomes of them, or at least her, can it? And if it is, what’s dad doing? Sitting in prison wishing he was Force-sensitive too so he could turncoat and become an Inquisitor just for a chance to get out of his cell? I honestly haven’t thought about what the Empire could have been doing with his parents if not just keeping them locked up…probably slave labor, or they turned them into Lobots like Tseebo maybe…I don’t know…but I do know for sure I do not want this to be it.

In conclusion, #teamdhara, who’s with me? No one…okay…you drive a hard bargain… #teamprobablyBarriss? Yes…no…maybe? Circle one…someone will remember love notes like that and laugh…hopefully…anyway, who knows how long we’ll have to go before we get an answer, so maybe I’ll revisit this after the next Servants of the Empire book and/or Dark Disciple hits the shelves and possibly sheds some light on the mysterious identity of the female Inquisitor, but, until then, I look forward to hearing what other people have to say…oh, and may the Force be with you…


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