5 things I’d like to see in Rebels Season 2

With the season 2 premiere looming, I thought I’d take a minute to spout off about what I’d like to see happen in the series this season. No spoilers here, just a wishlist from my quirky head canon…lists are still trendy on the internet, right?

1)  Darth Vader kills Ahsoka
I know, I know, I just made enemies of all the #Ahsokalives tweeters and I’ve been officially blacklisted from Fan Girls Going Rogue, but I can’t help it! The heart wants what the heart wants, and my heart wants to see Vader run her through with his lightsaber and say something like “you never were as powerful as I was” so she knows, right before she dies, that it was Anakin that did it. Now, granted, she might figure out that it’s Anakin behind the mask beforehand through the Force or some other means, but it would still be a great moment, even without the one-liner (and no, I don’t want him to call her “Snips”). I think Vader is still in “kill mode” at this point, and hasn’t begun the traditional Sith thought process of plotting to take his master’s place, so I don’t believe he’d try to turn Ahsoka and use her to go after Palpatine…no, I think he’d just destroy her and relish in the triumph. Good ol’ early Vader…all anger and action…

2)  Background on the Inquisitors
Yes, a show called Rebels should center on said rebels, but I want to know what the deal is with the Inquisitors, dammit. When did the program start? What prompted its creation? How many are there? I want answers! I’m guessing I’m going to get more information out of the Servants of the Empire series than I do Rebels, but since the Inquisitors were introduced in Rebels and we know for sure there are at least two more to be included in season 2, the writers could throw me a little bone to tide me over until I read about it in more detail later.

3)  Cameo from a certain Princess
I mean, c’mon…we already know Bail Organa is involved with our merry band of rebels, could he not just have Leia along for the ride once? Maybe sporting tiny buns? Okay, fine, any hairdo will work…see, I’m flexible…they managed to work Lando in, and are bringing back Rex & Co. and Hondo…I would think Leia would be much easier to manage than any of them.

4)  Coining the phrase “Rebel Alliance”
I think this one is almost a given, and may have already been done and I just didn’t notice…but I’d like to see it done with a little more pomp and circumstance…make it seem more “official.” Anyway, with the rebels having to leave Lothal and presumably meeting up with other groups of rebels like they did to escape Mustafar, it seems only natural that some organization will be happening that will bring these individual cells into a greater alliance. As as aside, it would also be interesting to see them gather intel on a “secret weapon” that the Empire is rumored to be building to deal with those that would oppose them. Finding out it exists in Rebels could lead nicely into the events of Rogue One.

5)  Zeb finds other Lasats
I’ll admit, I like Zeb and this is kind of my way of getting him off the show without having him killed…because, I mean, all the rebels are probably going to die, right? But, say in their travels they happen upon a small colony or enclave of Lasats that managed to avoid extermination, I could see having a small arc where the rebels have to help protect them from Kallus or another Imperial Agent after unwittingly leading the danger to them. The Imperial Agent vows to finish what they started and eradicate the Lasats from the galaxy, Zeb and the rebels vow not to let that happen, action ensues, the rebels win but Zeb decides he’s needed more with his kind than with the crew and stays behind…an honorable and very much still living way to leave the show.

So there you go…not a bad list, huh? I don’t think I asked for much, really…except maybe killing off Ahsoka and losing Zeb…three out of five ain’t bad though, right? Anyway, I’m looking forward to watching the premiere tonight, and more than likely writing about it within the next few days, so it won’t be long before I’m back behind the keyboard, but, in the mean time, may the Force be with you…


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