A Legend Reborn…Revan in Episode VII?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that San Diego Comic Con was last weekend, and that quite a bit of Star Wars related information was dropped at said convention. One small, but very interesting piece of information that I’m going to indulge in was the reveal that Revan won the Fan’s Choice poll for the next Hasbro Black Series figure. For me, this reveal prompted two thoughts (which then prompted a myriad of other thoughts, but we’ll get to those):
1)  Revan is now canon, if in no other form at least insomuch as he was a person that existed in our beloved galaxy far, far away.
2)  And yes, I’m aware this is old news, but damned if he doesn’t look an awful lot like Kylo Ren.
As my faithful readers (i.e. nobody) know, I like to not only beat, but pummel dead horses mercilessly until they’re but mere dust, so I’m going to take these two thoughts, mush them together into an idea, and run with it like I’m on Vanqor and someone just screamed “gundark!”

So, you’re saying Kylo Ren is Revan?!?!
No, no I’m not…that would be dumb…I am, however, saying that the mask he wears may in fact be the same mask donned by the infamous Force user. Kylo is assumed to be a collector of sorts, dealing mostly in Sith or dark side items (I’ve also made the assumption that Kylo could just be a go-for for his master, who is the actual collector, but for this entry we’ll bottle that idea up and go with Kylo being the at-will collector). So, if we further assume it’s him we see in the trailer with Darth Vader’s ruined helmet, wouldn’t it be safe to then make the logical leap that, since Vader’s helmet isn’t able to be worn, he would want another, equally distinguished and dark-side-imbued helmet to use instead? I think the answer there is a resounding “yes,” and that the next best thing to the black visage of Lord Vader, is the helmet of ancient Sith Master Darth Revan. And what if, upon putting it on for the first time, he awakens the spirit or essence or decaying body of Revan who then reaches out in the Force to whomever has dared take up his mantle and says “there has been an awakening…have you felt it?”

So, you think Snoke is actually Revan?!?!
Maybe…I’m not going to go so far as to boldly state that he is, in fact, Revan, but with Plagueis officially out of the question and Darth Maul as a super long shot, I can’t think of any other ancient Force-wielder that could possibly fit the bill more aptly…that is, of course, assuming Snoke is an alias for someone that we know to exist, and not just the real name of whatever “Darth” or whatnot title he also uses that we’ve never heard of before. But, the idea that after the Rebel Alliance finishes cleaning up the fragmented Empire and whatever’s left goes limping out into the far reaches of space only to stumble upon an ancient evil that, in the same way they did for Palpatine, they rally behind is definitely intriguing. It’s also something that would fit the character of Revan perfectly because, given that his past is already seeped in mystery because of the way the Knights of the Old Republic game’s story plays out differently based on what choices you make, he’s legendary even within the Legends EU. Yes, I know there’s an “official” version of the story, but that’s not everyone’s experience; furthermore, if you don’t seek out that “official” story, then all you have to go on is how the story went for you. And all that aside, the “official” story isn’t even “official” anymore, it’s merely the generally accepted version of a legend, much like the traditional version of the tale of King Arthur versus a re-telling like Camelot. I guess the long-winded point is that Revan makes as much sense as Plagueis, and people all over were clamoring to get on that bandwagon…so all aboard the “Snoke is Revan” bandwagon, next stop Episode VII…it’s going to be a long several months…

Anyway, regardless of whether you think my ideas are batshit crazy or certifiably genius (the correct answer there is C. All of the above), I find it hard to deny Revan not only winning, but even being a contestant on the Fan’s Choice poll, is his canon coming out party. It seems to me like the powers that be have been doing anything and everything to keep peoples’ Star Wars attention focused heavily on the Original Trilogy Era, with the occasional drift into the Clone Wars Era with things like the Kanan comic and Dark Disciple, so why in any world would they choose to slip the option to get a non-canon, pre-new-timeline figure in on people if not because they wanted to either test the waters to see if people were still interested in those dusty Legends characters or if they were telling us something without telling us? I, for one, believe this was definitely a stealth reveal and that, while I’m not certain enough to say in what way, shape or form, this won’t be the last we see of Revan…and that is an exciting prospect…as basically anything Star Wars related is these days. It’s truly the best time there’s ever been to be a Star Wars fan…so, spread the word, tell anyone who isn’t a fan that it’s not too late and we’d be happy to have them, and, while you’re doing it, may the Force be with you…


One thought on “A Legend Reborn…Revan in Episode VII?

  1. You are on the right track. If Snoke is not Revan then he is another major character from Knights of the Old Republic. Revan had stepped out of the known universe, so he is definitely a possibility. I forget which one was granted immortality.

    Consider that Revan was good with machines and was a racer, much like Anakin. This suggests a bloodline. The mask that Ren wears, as well as the garb, is extremely similar to that worn by Revan. The sword that Kylo Ren wields is based on a design thousands of years old: from the time period of the Knights of the Old Republic. Both the mask and saber could be symbolic of Revan and the destruction of the Mandalorians. This line of reasoning also is consistent with a reason for Luke searching for the first Jedi Temple and the name for the First Order. Too many coincidences converging to suggest the new villain is actually an ancient evil.

    Who would have the knowledge to build a light saber with a design thousands of years old? Why would they use such a design?…The Sith Lord teaching Ren is likely thousands of years old.
    “Supreme Commander” was a title bestowed on Revan at one point.
    The first Jedi Temple is also thousands of years old.
    Snoke could also be Darth Bane… but.. I'm betting on Revan. The talents that he, Anakin, Luke, and Rey exhibit seem too much for coincidence. I don't think it is merely copying the plots of the other movies.


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