An Uprising in the Aftermath Or: Why I’m Glued to My Phone Like a Teenager

Okay, so, full disclosure, I finished Aftermath yesterday morning, and was planning to write about it today (spoilers, I liked it), but then I found out Star Wars:  Uprising was available for download sometime yesterday afternoon aaaaaaaand I’ve basically spent the majority of the last 24 hours or so with my face buried in my phone like a stereotypical teenager…needless to say (but I feel compelled to say it anyway), I’m enjoying it. So here’s my two cents on my Uprising experience so far, and I’ll get to Aftermath for sure within the next week…because, yeah, it’s definitely worth talking about.

Mobile Schmobile
Anyway! I don’t really get into mobile gaming as a whole, sure, I play Star Wars:  Commander and Card Trader (as much as you can “play” a virtual collectible card app…I’m BLIVENGO on there in case anyone wants to trade), but the only draw is that they’re Star Wars, I wouldn’t be interested if they weren’t. That said, I was looking forward to Uprising, not because it was a mobile game (in truth, when I first found out it was going to be a mobile game I was a bit disappointed), but because it was yet another scrap of post-ROTJ meat for me to devour like a starving Anooba…and, so far, devour it I have, but, surprisingly, at least as much for the game itself as for the canon content it provides. To be honest, I’m really not that far into the story part of the game, I’ve been doing side missions and, to a larger extent, making sure my Crew Runs are always chugging along – this is, oddly, probably one of my favorite parts of the game because it allows you to send your crew members that you get from story missions (and from Crew Runs themselves) out on missions of their own where they bring back useful items for your character.

Crew Run, Run, Run, the Crew Run, Runs
Speaking of Crew Runs, they remind me a lot of Crew Skill Missions from the Star Wars:  The Old Republic MMO, which could be partly due to Daniel Erickson being on the dev. team for both games, but that’s neither here nor there, really…anyway, Crew Runs allow you to, in a sense, play the game while you’re not actually playing the game. So far, in my experience, they take anywhere from half an hour to an hour and a half (I’m sure as I increase in level and the difficulty level of the missions increases that the time to complete them will also increase), and, of course, if you have notifications turned on, the game will let you know when your crew is finished so you can claim your goodies and send your minions back out to do your bidding. Now, you don’t get to pick which missions you go on, exactly, there are a group of four available at any given time, and you can either do those, wait for them to reset (which takes a while), or get a new set by spending the in-app purchase “Chromium.”

Captain Phasma Currency
If you’re like me, here’s where you’re thinking “oh there it is! there’s the kicker, that’s how they’re going to take all these fools to the cleaners,” and, usually, you’d be right, but this (at least so far) doesn’t appear to be one of those “freemium” games where you have energy or some such and you can only do so many things a day unless you’re willing to part with a couple dollars to refresh your energy and carry on immediately…”Chromium,” which you can also get from Crew Runs and other free sources in-game, appears to only aide you in more quickly getting gear from pulls on the random Premium Crane in the Supplies area (you can also get crew members this way), letting you “respawn” if you die during a mission rather than having to start said mission over again, and, of course, resetting your available crew mission as I mentioned. Aside from that, it seems to me that someone could easily play this game through to completion without ever spending any “Chromium” if they so desired and not lose out on any of the fun or functionality…and I mean, c’mon, this is a capitalist society we live in, they have to have some way to make money if they’re not going to charge anything, so let those that decide to pay have their “Chromium” (I’m not sure why I’m still putting it in quotes), I’ll keep my money…though that special offer where you get a bowcaster and an astromech crew member is awfully tempting…

And that’s the waaaaaaaaaaay the news goes…er, story, I mean story
That was dumb. Watch Rick & Morty and it’s almost funny…anyway, the meat and potatoes of the game is that you’re a good, ol’ fashioned ne’erdowell, working with your sister (or brother, maybe, if you create a female character?) and an assortment of other shady characters in a system that’s been essentially shut down by the local Imperial government, claiming that the events of Return of the Jedi never happened and are all just rebel propaganda while clenching their iron fist around their system as repercussion. So, you get sent out on missions by said shady characters with your sibling on the comm to give you guidance. It seems so far that the missions are, barebones, all just about the same:  you go through a map with a few places to trigger doors, gates, etc. to open, you get crates of loot, bacta tanks heal you, and you kill whatever bad guys come your way (also, if you destroy all the little barrel things you see around they’ll sometimes have credits in them, so you bet your ass I bust every one of them every time). Some of the different bad guys do different things, especially the bosses, but, as a veteran gamer, it’s all pretty generic stuff (don’t stand in red circles, move away from beams, poison is bad, so on and so forth); however, that doesn’t mean it isn’t still fun. Also, I’ll admit, though it took me a while to get the hang of it, the control system is pretty cool (it may be blasé if you’re a hardcore mobile gamer, but it was cool to me, dammit), and it’s a lot more interactive than the other Kabam game I (seldom) play, Marvel Contest of Champions.

So yeah, Star Wars:  Uprising, pretty cool, definitely worth playing, if for nothing other than the Crew Ru, er, I mean, added canon story…oh, and if you do play, please, please, don’t ask in chat how you can sell stuff – around level 10 (I think) the game gives you a tutorial on “salvaging” gear (breaking it down into component, upgrade parts) and once you’ve done that you can also sell stuff. SO DON’T ASK! …when you play and see how many times someone asks in chat you’ll understand…but yeah, for sure download it on your favorite Apple or Android device and start playing, and, if you feel like it, look me up and we’ll crush the opposition with overwhelming force (not Force, though, wrong time period of that)…but, just the same, while you’re playing, may the Force be with you…


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