Why the Plank is Sarco on Jakku?

So, as I imagine anyone who reads this has been, I’ve been playing Battlefront in nearly all of my free time since its release, but I decided to take a break (albeit a small one) to discuss something that’s been gnawing at me since finishing Weapon of a Jedi a while ago (if you haven’t read it yet, uh, spoilers incoming):  What is Sarco Plank doing on Jakku? And why is he more than just a throwaway character used as a plot device to help advance Luke’s Jedi training? Why is he so important that he gets a databank entry and an action figure? (Okay, granted, neither of those things really make you an important character, but, this early, it seems telling to me.) Are Sarco and Luke going to meet again? Is something going to happen to make Luke regret not finishing Sarco off? He’s a really interesting, visually appealing character, so I can certainly see, after creating him for The Force Awakens, wanting to flesh him out a little more based solely on his badass appearance, but is that really all there is to it? I’m guessing not…

No Place for a Professional
Sure, Rey scavenges the decades-old wreckage on Jakku, but she has to, she’s stuck there; I don’t necessarily think it’s his treasure hunting business that compelled Sarco the dust bowl…unless, of course, he has some kind of inside information about a certain item that’s been lost among the ocean of sand. Could it be that he’s there to find the infamous Anakain Skywalker’s old lightsaber? How it could have ended up on Jakku or how anyone knows its there are quality questions that I’m just going to ignore for now, but, assuming there’s a logical explanation, him being there for a specific task like that makes perfect sense; otherwise, I think one can only deduce that his luck has taken a turn for the lousy and he shares Rey’s fate of being stuck on Jakku…if that’s the case, will he find a way off in a similar fashion as Rey? Maybe his run-in with Luke Skywalker all those years ago will make him a valuable asset to the First Order, or perhaps to the Knights of Ren…

Out-of-the-Way Black Market
Maybe Jakku has become something of a secret, black market world and Sarco is simply there pawning his wares…but does that mean that maybe he has the lightsaber and brings it to Jakku to sell to the highest bidder? Is Kylo on his way to purchase it when Finn decides to defect and that’s why Jakku happens to be where they end up? I know we see Maz handing the lightsaber to Leia, but we don’t know that Maz has it initially, that could be a much later moment in the movie…I think it’s certainly plausible that there’s more involved with the lightsaber ending up with Finn than Maz handing it to Leia and she, in turn, handing it to Finn, but whether or not Sarco factors into the picture I guess we’ll have to wait a paltry 18 more days to find out…

I think it would be a completely unfair fight at this point, but I wonder if Luke will face off with Sarco again? Maybe Sarco gets hired on Jakku to find the aging Jedi for the First Order so they can attempt to take him out of the picture before they attempt to “finish what you started.” I know, he’s not really a bounty hunter, but he’s a treasure hunter, and being rid of Luke would certainly be a treasure for the First Order. It would be an interesting nod to those of us who’ve taken the Journey to the Force Awakens if the two of them did have some kind of reunion…or if it turns out that Rey is, as many suspect, the heir to the Skywalker bloodline, and Sarco is actually on Jakku to repay Luke for letting him live all those years ago, and filling the role Obi-wan filled for Luke when he was a hidden child on a desert planet…

So there you have it, I’m, once again, over-thinking something that will probably be little more than a cameo for a character that exists in the new expanded universe…but, then again, what if it isn’t? What if one of my goofball theories is correct and it turns out Sarco has a bigger part in the story than anyone has yet to imagine? Well then, my friends, you get to tell everyone you saw it coming because you read it here first, and people will be stoked on you and be all like “omg no way, you’re so cool!” And while you’re smiling from ear to ear and basking in their adoration, may the Force be with you…


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