Star Wars Day Play-by-Play

Does anyone really care what I did for Star Wars Day? No! Of course not! But, is that going to stop me from writing an entire post dedicated to what I did for Star Wars Day? No! Of course not! Alright, now that we got that out of the way, let’s begin:

The day started off as any other:  a mental struggle that involves knowing I should get out of bed while at the same time trying to convince myself that I could probably live my entire life in bed with few regrets…as always (so far), getting out of bed won the battle. I threw on a pair of shorts and my understated yellow-lettering-on-black Star Wars tee and decided to hop on Twitter for a spell to see what Star Wars Day things I’d already missed since I live out Californy way and thus several Star Wars Day hours behind the good ol’ east coast. There were quit a few intriguing things (and a lot of meme-like “May the Force be with you” parodies thanks to @pablohidalgo), but the best news of the morning, as far as I’m concerned anyway, was the announcement of a new third-person Star Wars action game in development by EA and Respawn, the creators of Titanfall. As a pretty avid gamer, I’ve been looking forward to a “real” Star Wars game since, I think, The Force Unleashed II. Sure, Battlefront is fun (in small doses), but there’s no story, and Uprising is, well, a mobile game, and the story isn’t gripping enough, in my opinion, to make up for the monotony that is mobile gaming. SWTOR held my attention for a while, but, though it is heavily story-driven, it’s still an MMO. I’ve been really Jonesing (not Indiana) for a one-player Star Wars console gaming experience. Something I can sit down to play for a while and get lost in for hours without even realizing it. There’s already hope for this with the Visceral project, but now there are two such options coming down the pipe, and more, in this case, is always better.

After my Twitter foray, I did a sun salutation with “Rey’s Theme” on loop, then picked a Star Wars mug (I currently have three) for my morning tea; I went with ESB…it felt right.

I poured myself a bowl of Frosted Mini-Wheats to go with it and plopped down on the couch to watch The Force Awakens. (By the way, I had the day off; I’m not a total bum.) Just in case you’re not aware, The Force Awakens is a pretty good movie. After that I headed to a local cantina to reenact the famous Mos Eisley scene from A New Hope…okay, not exactly, I just went to have a few beers with a friend and talk about Star Wars. The first time I bellied up to the bar to order, another patron noticed my shirt and gave me a “May the 4th be with you.” So that was pretty cool. On the way, I rocked out to the soundtrack to The Phantom Menace. For my money, it doesn’t get much better than “Duel of the Fates.” That is probably my favorite piece of Star Wars music aside from “The Imperial March” or the main theme because, I mean, c’mon…

When I got back home, I decided to play some Battlefront in honor of Star Wars Day. That said, I learned two things:  the new dlc with the contracts and what not is pretty cool (it’d been a while since I’d played), and I’m still really bad. I’d say I also learned that Fighter Squadron is my favorite game mode, but I already knew that. Maybe I’ll sit down and get more into it in the next few days, really check out the new content, but, even though it was Star Wars Day, it was also a hockey night in Pittsburgh, so I dropped all things Star Wars when game four of their second round playoff series started. (I sincerely doubt anyone cares, but they won in overtime and it was marvelous.) After I’d settled down, done a few chores, and eaten, I grabbed my Kindle Fire and reassumed my position on the couch to read Poe Dameron #2 (which was very good; I’m enjoying this series a lot so far…I’m insanely curious to know what, if anything, is in that “egg”) followed by Bloodline until my eyes would no longer remain open.

So, that was my Star Wars Day. Mainly uneventful, and not unlike any other given Wednesday throughout the year for someone like myself who tends to overindulge in all things Star Wars on a routine basis, but it was fun to enjoy a feeling of camaraderie with other fans around the globe just because of what the day stands for:  love and appreciation for Star Wars. I hope everyone out there in internetland had a good Star Wars Day; hopefully I’ll read about a few of your experiences via Anakin and his Angel’s monthly Star Wars ComLINKS, and hopefully someone out there will enjoy this telling of my 2016 Star Wars Day experience. But, regardless of anything else, just remember that on May 4th, and every other day of the year, may the Force be with you…


One thought on “Star Wars Day Play-by-Play

  1. I almost forgot about the new Star Wars game announcement! I am very excited to see what that will be like.

    That TESB mug is awesome!

    Thanks for sharing about what you did *thumbs up*


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