Unraveling the Truth in Legends


“There’s always a bit of truth in legends.” – Ahsoka Tano

By now, I’m sure everyone’s aware of the aforementioned loaded quote from the season finale of Star Wars Rebels, and you’ve probably come up with your own ideas about what it means. Personally, I took it as an homage to the old expanded universe, a way of saying “just because the story’s going in a different direction, it doesn’t mean everything’s been forgotten;” I didn’t think there was necessarily anything in particular about Legends content that Filoni & Co. were referring to…that is until I saw the following on Twitter:


Damn you, Dave Filoni…I mean, hey, thanks for giving me something Star Wars-related to over-analyze (as if I needed it). So, without further ado, here are three possible legends that I think might be introduced in the premiere of Rebels season three at Celebration Europe in London:

Darth Bane
Darth_Bane_canon Yes, I know Darth Bane is canon and, therefore, not Legends, but the majority of his story is Legends and I think that’s what has the potential to be expanded upon in Rebels. In fact, I think whatever legend he’s referring to is going to have something to do with the Sith Holocron that we see Ezra open as season two comes to a close, so why not the “father of the modern Sith,” so to speak? I think it stands to reason that an ancient Sith temple would house the knowledge of an ancient Sith Lord, don’t you? Further, I think it makes sense that Maul would be there looking for guidance from the creator of the master and apprentice system since his apprenticeship was cut short and, ultimately, even though he led deathwatch and his band of criminals, he’s still someone who relishes a master’s approval – you see it in Son of Dathomir, even though he’s been obsessed with revenge against Obi-wan and the master who abandoned him since he was literally made half the man he used to be, he still yearns for Palpatine’s approval. And, I mean, you saw how easily his first apprentice, Savage, was dispatched by his former master, so I imagine he’d be searching for whatever knowledge he could find to keep that from happening again with his next apprentice (which could still be Ezra, just saying). It would certainly make for an interesting storyline, though, if Ezra learns about the power of the Sith and the rule of two and tries to convince Kanan that they should become a master and apprentice like that instead of like the Jedi…


by http://alex-malveda.deviantart.com/

In all honesty, what better role model is there for someone like Ezra that’s a good person, deep down, but has obvious dark tendencies? None, I say, none. Now, I suppose since I’m assuming we’ll be meeting Revan from a Sith holocron that I should be calling him “Darth Revan,” but I think he transcends such frivolous things as titles, and even the Sith and the Jedi themselves, for that matter, so I’m sticking with just Revan. I, for one, am hoping this is the right answer and we will be getting our first glimpse into who Revan really was because a) he’s an awesome character and I want to learn all about him all over again, and b) it would give the current canon a foothold in the Old Republic era upon which to start revisiting those stories. Really, though, the only downside to Revan being introduced in Rebels is that it would likely eliminate him from being either Snoke himself or the inspiration behind the Knights of Ren, as I’ve theorized, and that would bum me out slightly…but only slightly, and I’d get over it in roughly thirty seconds, so, yeah, there’s actually no downside at all. #RevaninRebels, let’s get it trending, people…the revolution is upon us…or something.

Darth Plagueis

by http://banjaxedmdt.deviantart.com/

Okay, okay, he’s not really Legends either, but, again, his story is – hell, we don’t even know what he looks like or what species he is, they might even make him human this time around…so, yeah, shedding some truth on this legend wouldn’t be a let down at all. Also, I think it would be a nice way to squash the persistent theories that Snoke is Plagueis, especially if they made him a species that couldn’t possibly match up, like an Ithorian or something (plus an Ithorian Sith Lord would just be badass). It would also make it a lot more personal for Maul if his plan was to destroy Palpatine by using the knowledge and power of his former master’s master. In addition, Maul knowing about the temple, how to get in, and how to use it as a weapon, could all be due to Palpatine bringing him there previously in an attempt to gather the last piece in the puzzle of immortality that Plagueis had locked away in the holocron (and wouldn’t that make Vader’s presence there more impactful since “the ability to cheat death” was his main impetus for joining Palpatine and becoming a Sith?). I do find this to be the least likely scenario, though, simply because it makes more sense for an ancient Sith temple to house ancient Sith knowledge, not relatively new Sith knowledge; although, it could be that the holocron is cumulative, and each Sith master adds their own bits to what’s already contained within…in that case, all three of these guys could show up, and wouldn’t that be glorious?

So that’s my take on it, and, yes, I’m aware that I’m ignoring the most popular theory that the book pictured is Heir to the Empire and that means Thrawn is clearly who we’ll be seeing show up in Rebels…I just don’t buy it. For starters, I don’t think you can prove that the book shown is actually HttE, nor do I care if it is because Dave Filoni is a pretty coy fella and would do something like that on purpose to throw people off. Additionally, I think Thrawn’s character has already been replaced by the white-clad, caped, supposed “Director” in Rogue One. And, lastly, based on where the story is headed, Ezra is going to talk to someone in that holocron, and it’s not going to be Palpatine, Vader, Dooku, or Maul, so it has to be a more legendary Sith…just has to. So, who do you think Filoni is referring to? Do you agree it’ll be one of the Sith Lords I mentioned? Am I an idiot and it’s obviously Thrawn? Or do you think it’s someone completely different? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll catch you guys next time ’round…and, you know, may the Force be with you…


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