The Devil’s Haircut, Or: Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Preview

Yeah, I know, I’m late to the party. Everyone and their brother, mother, sister, aunt, niece, third cousin twice removed, etc. has already talked about the preview of season three of Rebels that was released on Wednesday’s episode of “The Star Wars Show” (lots of “of”s going on here)…but, guess what? I don’t care, I’m doing it anyway! Because, hey, it’s me…anyway, if you haven’t seen the season three preview yet, oh my god, what’s wrong with you, why are you reading a Star Wars blog, go watch it right now! Er, I mean, yeah, you should check it out…I’ll wait…okay, so, now that we’ve all seen it, allow me to explicate:

A New ‘Do

So did anyone else notice Ezra’s new haircut? Okay, I didn’t think I was the only one…I think it suits him, and it’s a quasi version of the old Jedi Padawan cut, without the obvious giveaways that I imagine would get a person questioned by Imperial authorities. I’m curious as to whether the change was to help make him look more mature, which it does, and to show some obvious sign of things having changed from when we last saw him, or if it actually does have something to do with the old ritualistic learner’s haircut. I kind of hope it is Kanan passing on a bit of Jedi tradition, and not just some form of symbolism demonstrating his character has moved on or something even more mundane like they literally just thought it made him look older (or they were tired of animating his longer hair). Hopefully we find out in one of the episodes they air during celebration (which I hope get broadcast for the masses somehow), or from the panel, but I’m not going to hold my breath. Chances are we may never know, and, in that case, it’s going to be a pseudo Padawan thing in my head canon for sure.

Like Master, Like Padawan

Alright, haircut aside, let’s talk about how much Ezra resembles Kanan in this short clip (ha, “short clip” was an accidental haircut pun, score). First of all, he’s wearing more formfitting, Kanan-esque attire. Secondly, he uses a pistol (which may actually be Kanan’s) proficiently until things get a little hairy, then he busts out his new lightsaber that’s more similar to Kanan’s than his old one (and could, in fact, be a reconstructed version of Kanan’s…I mean, that’s a stretch, but Kanan may not need it anymore if he’s permanently blind, and setting aside time for Ezra to find a new kyber crystal may not be something the Ghost crew can work into their itinerary) and proceeds to use both it and the Force in a much more controlled, Kanan-like way. And, I mean, take a hard look at the image by Michael Pasquale (@800lbProds) I added in this section…if you slap a ponytail on that picture, it’s Kanan. It’s that simple. Ponytail, Kanan; no ponytail, Ezra. He is truly becoming a spitting image of his master…but, will the difference be their breaking points? Kanan has had every opportunity to give in to the evils around him and the anger and hatred he must have felt while scrounging around to survive, but he never did. Even after being blinded, he called upon his bond to the light to guide him…will Ezra be as steadfast, or will that be where their similarities take a dramatic turn…

Some Things Never Change

Let me just take a moment to say how much I like Hondo…I really like Hondo. Okay, seriously, though, he’s a great character; I know I sometimes get whiny about “small universe syndrome” when we keep seeing the same characters drug into every story-line, but Hondo never feels forced since he has that “go where the wind takes you” kind of attitude that ends up getting a person like him into just about any manner of situation. Also, how Hondo is it of, well, Hondo to have an addendum to a deal? And how great was his one-liner after his Ugnaught associate got literally blasted sky high? Definitely classic Hondo (as an aside, did anyone else read all of Rinnrivin Di’s lines in Bloodline as if it were Hondo speaking them? Surely I can’t be the only one that did that…). I wonder how much of Hondo we’ll be seeing in season three…will he be a recurring character like Vizago was in season one, or will this be the last we see of him after his rescue, etc. is resolved? Or maybe, just maybe, he becomes an actual member of the Rebellion, or even the Ghost crew as a secondary character much like Rex has become. It wouldn’t surprise me to see another Clone Wars character step up to take the place of the (hopefully) dearly departed Ahsoka…I don’t think that’s what’ll happen, but I wouldn’t be too surprised…

So, Ezra’s haircut, yay or nay? Personally, I like it, though I’m always disappointed to see male characters do away with longer hairstyles since I happen to be a purveyor of the flow in real life (that means I have long hair). What do you think of Ezra’s new lightsaber? Are you glad he didn’t recreate his pewpewsaber like I am, or did you have a special place in your heart for the silly thing? How do you feel about Hondo coming back? Are you stoked like I am, or have you had enough of his shenanigans? What else jumped out at you about the preview? Was there anything you thought was huge or groundbreaking? Was there a big reveal I somehow missed? Do you think if Sabine were real she’d want to go out with me? (Don’t actually answer that…) Well, the Star Wars Celebration Europe festivities are getting underway, so I’m going to head to Twitter and soak up as much second-hand action as I can. Enjoy this awesome Star Wars weekend, and may the Force be with you…


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