Han Solo and the (Rumored) Three-Film Deal

In case you haven’t heard, it was officially announced at #SWCE that Alden Ehrenreich (pronounced “Aaron-rike,” if you’re unsure like I was) has been cast to play Han Solo, wait, hold on, I mean, the Han Solo in an upcoming anthology film revolving around said notorious smuggler (hereafter referred to simply as the “Han Solo movie”). Well, in addition to that, it’s recently been rumored that he actually singed on to appear as Han Solo in at least three movies. Now, first of all, that’s still a rumor, so don’t get your panties in too much of a bunch; second of all, it doesn’t mean there’s going to be a Han Solo “trilogy,” it means he’s agreed to play the character in three movies, not necessarily three movies all about Han Solo…so, assuming the rumor is true (and it probably isn’t…or is…?), what three movies would I be most interested in seeing Han Solo in? Well, thanks for asking, I just happen to have three ideas right here:

When Hairy Meets Han-y

Okay, so the movie we know of for sure, the Han Solo movie, is said to be an “origin story”…but what does that mean for a character without super powers? Sure, as far as super heroes go it’s easy, it’s the story of how they became a super hero:  how they were bitten by a radioactive whatever, how they watched their parents die, how they landed on Earth from another planet, etc. But how do you make an “origin story” for Han Solo? I guess it could be how he goes from whatever he was before to being a smuggler, that would make sense, but, for my money, I want to see how Han and Chewie first got together. I want to see why the great Chewbacca owes Han a life debt. I want to watch what’s sure to be an awkward partnership (for example, does Han already just happen to understand Wookiees, or will a lot be lost in translation) bud into the relationship between the two that we’re used to. Did Han physically save Chewie in some way, or was it more of a cerebral rescue? Was Chewie still on Kashyyyk at the time? If so, what was Han doing there? Was he an Imperial at the time, perhaps, or maybe just working for them as a legitimate courier? These are the type of questions I’d like answered in a “Han Solo origin story”…unfortunately, it’ll probably be a while before we get any solid information on the subject, so, as I’ve said nearly a billion times at this point, we’ll just have to wait and see…

Lando & Lobot

After they took center stage in what I think is the best new Marvel mini-series so far, I’d love to see a big-screen story involving these two set in the same time period as the Han Solo movie. What would a young Lando Calrissian be like? Would he still have his suave, debonair demeanor, or would he be growing into it and actually be somewhat awkward or reserved? What would Lobot be like not just before the implants took hold, but before he got them at all? Maybe he was the suave one starting out, and their roles switched over time…maybe the three of them (including Han now because, duh, that’s the whole point, right?) are rivals at the beginning, all after a big score; Lando and Lobot team up (or form an alliance to use reality show terms), and it works, but, in the end, they end up losing the big score, which just happens to be the Millennium Falcon, in a game of cards…we see how the experience brings them together and solidifies their friendship, and we see how Han ends up with the Falcon…I’d watch that, for sure, but I’m a huge Star Wars fan, so I’d watch anything Star Wars-related…what about all the regular Janes and Joes out there, would they be interested? As cool as a movie like this would be for Star Wars fans, it might be too esoteric for the general audience, and I think that might be the problem that the anthologies run into in general:  they’re going to be stuck between the rock of making movies that will appeal to the masses, and the hard place of not always going back to the same big characters and/or familiar story lines…

Bounty Hunters

I think it goes without saying that there will definitely, eventually, be a Boba Fett movie, right? I mean, he’s just too damn popular for the powers that be to ignore…but, instead of making some kind of Boba Fett action hero movie where he just zooms around the galaxy in Slave I being a badass (which is kinda what people are expecting, I think), they could do a riff on Spy vs. Spy where Boba Fett and Sana Starros are both after a large bounty, probably for a Hutt, maybe Jabba, but instead of focusing on being the first one to snag the bounty, they’re preoccupied with making sure the other doesn’t get it…and, of course, Han would be involved (possibly involved) with Sana at the time, thus landing him smack dab in the middle of the mayhem. There would also be room to include such A-list bounty hunters as Bossk, Dengar, the droids, and maybe even my personal favorite, Embo. It could end up being a “my crew against yours” type of situation, where they each recruit a few bounty hunters to assist them, which would inevitably lead to massive amounts of backstabbing and double-crossing…you know, bounty hunter stuff…it’s all about the credits, baby…anyway, that’s just one idea I happen to really like because it gets Sana on the big screen (I imagine her played by Danai Gurira, who plays Michonne on The Walking Dead…wouldn’t that be great?), but there are nearly endless story opportunities involving bounty hunters that could also feature, or at least include, Han Solo, so the sky’s the limit, really…

And there’s my two cents, lords and ladies…what do you think? What three movies would you have Han Solo appear in? Would you go with a true trilogy that was one long narrative, or would you break it up into small adventures like I did? Or would you do something totally different? Do you think his other two roles will be just simple cameos (that thought had crossed my mind as well, but it doesn’t make for a very compelling blog post…), or will he be the star/co-star of two movies aside from his own? What are you hoping to see in the Han Solo movie we know we’re getting? Think about it, think about it really hard, and then let me know in the comments…I’m going to make like Sinjir and go to a local watering hole to have many, many drinks…whatever you’re doing, may the Force be with you…


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