The Real Star of Rogue One for Star Wars ComLINKS

With my recent busy-ness (not to be confused with business), I got out of the habit of writing something up for Mrs. @acrossthestars ComLINKS topic on her site, Anakin and His Angel, and that, my friends, is a shame. But! Lo and behold, here I am doing that very thing! This month’s topic is “Rogue One Newcomer,” meaning, “which NEW character are you the most excited to see on the big screen and why?” For me, this was an easy choice that took roughly 3.182 seconds to decide on:  K-2SO. But why, you ask? Why not the rough-around-the-edges Jyn Erso, the calm-cool-and-collected Cassian Andor, or the triumphantly-returning-Guerrilla-fighter Saw Gerrera? Well, how ’bout you read on and find out?

The Anti-3PO

I absolutely love the idea of a droid with a brash, stubborn, unapologetic, self-centered personality that seems to be a “main” member of the team and not just an occasionally-used “tool.” Well, okay, it’s not fair to say R2 is only “occasionally-used” since he basically saves the day 90% of the time, but, his importance aside, neither he nor 3PO really ever feel like part of the team, where I think K-2 is going to have a more Chewie-like feel to his involvement. He’s going to be a sidekick droid instead of “just another droid,” so to speak. (I suppose you could make the argument that Chopper is a “main” member of the Ghost crew that fits the same description I gave for K-2, but, as cool as Chop is, I still feel like he’s the most ancillary of all the crew, and I don’t think K-2 is going to feel that way.) Now, I could be dead wrong and he’ll end up with like half a dozen scenes and be more or less inconsequential, but, until mid-December, I’m going to pretend that the scene they showed at Celebration is merely the tip of the K-2 being a hilarious jerk iceberg.

A Killer Look

I think my favorite thing about K-2 is how genuinely awesome he looks, and how they were able to pull off a “Star Warsy” look without directly copying things we’ve seen before. (And, thankfully, even if I’m wrong about his involvement in the movie, his look won’t change…unless he suddenly gets hair like Saw did…) One of the biggest selling points on his look, for me, is his immense size. He’s a head and chest taller than just about any human, and can probably even see over Chewie…and that’s an impressive feat. I also really like the odd positioning of his “neck,” giving him that awkward, slumped-over look. That, coupled with his oddly-proportioned, spindly limbs, makes him look old and decrepit, which, I imagine, isn’t the case…though, I suppose since he’s a re-purposed security droid and sometimes security guards tend to be retired policemen, there might be something to that…anyway, I like the idea of the juxtaposition of lethal ability and an unassuming, elderly appearance. Very cool stuff. I’m really looking forward to seeing him in action against the very Imperials he used to protect.

The Best Desk Accessory

Staying on-theme with K-2SO being incredibly rad-looking, his action figures and various other collectibles will look great next to my Captain Phasma collectibles on my desk. Starting way back with Revenge of the Sith, I decided to pick one character to focus my collecting budget on (it was General Grievous for that movie, in case you’re curious). You see, for Episode I, since it was the first new Star Wars in a long time, and a movie I never thought would ever happen, I went overboard and bought basically everything…then for Episode II I bought basically nothing as compensation…so, when Episode III rolled around I compromised, and then, when the impossible happened again and we got an Episode VII, I just kept the streak going (yes, it was a very short streak at that point, but all streaks must start somewhere!) – The Force Awakens was Phasma, Rogue One is K-2SO…who will Episode VIII be? Well, only time will tell, but hopefully I’ll be writing another one of these next year for that very thing…anyway, so far I only have the K-2 Black Series figure, but I’m definitely going to be picking up the Funko Pop! at the very least, and more than likely the regular Hasbro figure as well…and probably a t-shirt, if I can find one…

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand there you have it! K-2SO, I choose you! (Is Pokemon still topical? Is it ever not?) Who do you choose? I daresay you have the most possible choices you’ll ever have with the incredible ensemble cast they’ve put together for Rogue One, so, take your time, choose wisely, and let me know in the comments below who your newcomer of choice is…and/or, if you’re up to it, do your own write up and add it to the ComLINKS when it goes live tomorrow. And, regardless of whether you write anything or not, you should definitely head over to see what other Star Wars fans choose as their favorite Rogue One newcomer. There are very often some great posts to read through there, and I have a feeling this topic will yield some interesting results…so, I hope you enjoyed this post and will further enjoy perusing other ComLINKS posts, and I hope you make your way back here for more extremely thought-provoking (extremely…barely…something like that) posts in the future…


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