Are We Being Kept in the Dark About Episode VIII? Or: What we don’t know won’t hurt us.

By this point in the Episode VII timeline, knew the title was The Force Awakens and were very close to getting a teaser trailer…so far for Episode VIII we know…nothing. Or, at best, very little. Sure, I understand that Episode VII was like the reintroduction of Star Wars to the world, and now we have Rogue One to keep us occupied, so it’s not really out of the question to be less-informed about the next chapter in the saga than we were previously…but that also doesn’t stop me from frothing at the mouth more and more with each passing day without any real, juicy Episode VIII information…so, are we being kept in the dark on purpose to keep the focus on Rogue One, or have they just not made Episode VIII a priority like they did with Episode VII because, frankly, they know they don’t have to? Well, either way, here are a few things I’m dying to get when it comes to the main saga from a galaxy far, far away…
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