Star Wars Annual #2

Comic book day, oh yeah, livin’ the dream, dreamin’ in color…I’m not sure where I was going with that, plus it’s actually the day after comic book day…anyway, we got the second annual, uh, annual Star Wars comic and it was pretty decent. Definitely love, love the new character, Pash (Bash), and really hope to see her again, but wasn’t head over heels for the overall story. That said, though, it was a good read, and worth the price for Pash’s introduction alone, so how ’bout you click that link down there and we kick this review into maximum overdrive! (That’s right, Stephen King reference, boom.)

Star Wars Annual #2
star-wars-annual-2-1-600x910Our story begins on Jak–er, wait, no, I guess that’s not a desert, it’s water reflecting the sunlight in a manner that makes it look desert-like…so that means the downed Star Destroyer we see is a good, ol’ fashioned shipwreck – that’s pretty cool, but isn’t it kind of a big deal to bring down a Star Destroyer? I mean, aside from the Battle of Jakku, the only time it’s documented (that I can recall, anyway, if I’m wrong, please let me know) is as a major plot point in Lords of the Sith, so shouldn’t it be a bigger deal that there’s one downed here in Skorii-Lei? Clearly there’s more story on this watery world than meets the eye, but I guess that’s neither here nor there…moving on, we get a soliloquy of sorts from an unknown character we soon find out is a tall, supremely-built redhead named Pash Davane, but nicknamed “Bash” because, as she says, “you bash one guy in the head with a rock and, well, nicknames stick.” I love her character design, her size, her nickname:  everything. She’s like Sana and Aphra meets the buffest character you can think of in Star Wars, and it’s a great combination. I also like that she’s a cynical ex-engineer that’s down on her luck but seems to have made some kind of angry peace with it; now she’s just a cog in the machine, trying not to pick sides or get involved…except she went and brought a certain injured princess into her place knowing full-well who she was and who’d be looking for her…after a conversation with her cheeky droid about Leia’s condition, Pash goes out to find something to hopefully improve her condition only to return to see said cheeky droid (named Bruce, which is a pretty hilarious name for a droid) incapacitated on the floor with a limb missing. Then, in death from above fashion, Leia bonks Pash on the head with Bruce’s arm, knocking her out. Pash comes-to tied up, along with Bruce, while Leia’s rummaging through her things, looking for anything that might help her get to her rendezvous point. The two women get to talking and we find out Leia has important bit of information on her person that “many people already died to secure.” Eventually Leia unties Pash and Bruce, gets her gross concoction to feel better, and they prepare for Pash’s underwater-based plan of escape…of course, just then, who should come a knockin’ but a pair of Imperial stormtroopers. There’s a fleeting attempt to hide Leia in the cupboard, but Pash, living up to her nickname, decides to bash one of the troopers over the head with a rock before the other notices the person of interest stuffed in the cupboard and then throws her rock at the second trooper, tackles him, removes his bucket, and socks him good, knocking out a tooth before trooper number one returns to try to subdue Pash only to wind up with a face full on rock. So, with now-limited options and an even bigger need to make haste, they hide Leia in her too-big wetsuit in the bottom of a pushcart with a tarp over it and head to the water…which works out not at all when one of the accosted troopers from Pash’s house points Pash out to the other troopers and Pash decides to just dash (get it? it rhymes) out a window, down a rocky drop, and into a door down an alley sans cart. They hide there for a time during which Leia takes a turn for the worse, her wound having reopened, and gives Pash the important information in case she doesn’t make it. Pash roughly stitches her back up as Leia details how, even though it cost her her entire planet, all those lives, she wouldn’t take any of her actions back as long as they lead to the end of the Empire. Leia, through tears, talks about how the rebellion is bigger than her, bigger than any one person, how it’s a living thing, an entity in and of itself…after this, Bruce shows up and the three of them head for the water, seemingly scot-free, until a group of aliens (perhaps some, or all, local species to Skorii-Lei) attempt to intercept them…that is until Pash breaks out what looks to be a lightwhip and literally whips their asses…well, mostly, whips their asses, but ends up getting shoved to safety by Leia, who takes a blaster shot to the arm before an errant shot brings debris down on our heroins. Pash manages to get to Leia and carry her to the shore where Han, Chewie, and Luke are waiting with the Falcon. With the aliens still on their heels, the rebels fight them off and board the ship, and, while doing so, Pash sees the living aspect of the rebellion before her eyes and seems to embrace it. Pash gives the important information to Luke, who’s impressed that Leia gave it to her, and the two exchange names (is it significant that Luke is formally introduced to this strong, redheaded lady *coughMaracough* but no one else is? I don’t know, maybe?). Then, once the two ladies are patched up and back in regular attire (which includes randomly wearing Han’s shirt with the sleeves ripped off for Pash), they have a heart-to-heart where Leia comes clean about speaking her mind, even when it’s rude, and Pash admits it worked on her. The issue ends somewhat like it began, with another soliloquy of sorts from Pash, but this time it’s one of buying into an idea instead of purposefully steering clear; specifically, it’s about buying into the idea that Leia left out of her speech about the rebellion:  it’s about buying into hope, and how hope alone is also a living thing that seems to be feeding the rebellion and is subsequently fed by it, making them both stronger…so, is this the last we’ll see of Pash? I sincerely hope not…and, seeing how the character the first annual centered on showed up again, there’s no reason to think Pash won’t be back at some point either…

So, what did you think? Pash is incredible, right? She’s the kind-hearted, reluctant hero character type that I adore (the type of character I thought Jyn was going to be after the first teaser, and even the first trailer, but not so much anymore after her “we have hope” speech from the more recent media, but I guess we’ll see in two weeks). We all agree that we’re head over heels for her, right? Excellent, I thought so. What of the rest of the issue? What do you think that important information is, and what do you think happened to Leia that left her wounded and unconscious in a stranger’s room? (I both like and am irked that the issue doesn’t explain that.) Do you think that’s a recently-crashed Star Destroyer or something from shortly after the Clone Wars ended, from the Empire fighting off Separatist holdouts, for example? And do you think the downed ship is significant, or just a cool piece of background art they wanted to illustrate? Give the book a thorough second read and let me know what you think in the comments…or I’ll get my girl Pash to demonstrate her nickname all about your cranium…until next time, TWS out.


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