Doctor Aphra #1

Okay, okay, I know, it’s been half a week since comic book day and you’ve been sitting behind your computer or phone screen frantically refreshing this site, anxiously awaiting my post about Doctor Aphra…I sincerely apologize (yes, I know nobody was actually doing that, just let me have this one for my self-esteem, geez)…anyway, this week gave us the triumphant (sort of) return of Doctor Aphra! I’ve been really looking forward to this comic since the announcement for two reasons:  1) I miss the Darth Vader series so I’m pretending this is a sequel (since it sort of is…sort of). 2) I love Black Krrsantan. So, what could go wrong?!?! So far, the answer is nothing. Now, let’s dispense the pleasantries and get to the action!

Doctor Aphra #1
doctor-aphra-1-coverWe start out with our heroin in a badass new suit trying to pry the, I don’t know, “eye” out of some kind of ancient space worm. Pretty solid way to get things rolling. When it’s finally out, however, the robot/creature/whatever comes to life and wants its “eye” back. Understandable. So our heroin jumps on a speeder to escape and leaves a trail of explosives for her pursuer. Bahwooomff! No more worm. Aphra wins. Hooray! But then the character takes the cool helmet off and WHAT?!?! It’s some rando dude. This is supposed to be about Aphra!?!?! But then we see Aphra shoot said rando in the chest and take the “eye” artifact. Good ol’ Aphra picked up some moves from Vader, methinks. It is a pity that the rad outfit isn’t actually Aphra’s, but oh well. I like her simplistic getup. And I definitely share her sentiment for her ship, it is beautiful. Looks sorta like a battle droid doing a headbutt in the front of it…anyway, it was good to see the evil R2 & 3PO again, and great to see a pair of Gigorans (the white Wampa Wookiees from Rogue One), but kinda meh to see Soo-Tath, the odd Star Wars combination of Slash and Brook from One Piece. (Not super stoked on his look, but, I mean, I guess there’s room in Star Wars for all kinds.) I do like the way he’s a sleazebag, tough-talking weasel that has goons to do his gooning. That’s first-class. I also really like how Krrsantan doesn’t come to Aphra’s rescue because he owes her, but because she owes him and “he’s not going to let you endanger his investment.” And I bet he was low-key excited to get to thump on a couple goons old-school, pit-fighter style. Unfortunately (or fortunately, I guess, depending on how you look at it), they didn’t put up much of a fight. Krrsantan is so cool. Speaking of cool, I’ve decided “better go and feed the Sarlacc” is the single coolest way to say you have to take a wiz, ever. And continuing the cool streak, I thought it was duly cool that the droids went back to avenge the rude treatment of Aphra by poisoning Soo-Tath, and that Mr. Soo-Tath is (well, was) a Cerean because that makes his goofy hat way, way better…may he rest in piece. I love that Aphra has the ice pop she asked for when we see the team in flight…also love that Krrsantan is asleep. He’s so cute and cuddly. It’s pretty funny how in the first issue of “Doctor Aphra” we find out Aphra isn’t, in fact, actually a doctor anymore, making the times she corrected people earlier in the issue incorrect. Good stuff. And what happened next I definitely didn’t see coming…I mean, who guessed it would be her own dad that ratted her out and nullified her doctorate? A character having daddy issues in Star Wars is just so outside the box, am I right? …anyway, that aside, what do you think her dad’s deal is? He looks kinda like he’s been hanging out with the same weird religious cult that worships the giant kaiju egg in Poe’s comic, but he probably hasn’t…but maybe? I guess we’ll find out next time…

I know it’s not “officially” marked as a coda, but it feels like one…plus, “coda” is a fun word…”coda”…moving on, once the main story comes to an end, we get a short story about exactly how Aphra cheats her way to becoming “Doctor” Aphra. As it turns out, which should be a surprise to absolutely no one, Aphra is a bit of a class-clown/royal pain in the ass at school. I do like that she did, in fact, do the work initially, though, and didn’t just plan to cheat from the start. (As an aside, doesn’t the droid that’s walking with Aphra and her friend look like it could be K-2SO’s cousin?) Unfortunately, for Aphra, though, her work turns out to be a huge bust, and, instead of offering any sort of aid, her “Sava,” which I assume is akin to “Dean,” decides to rub her nose in it by exposing his illegal find and gloating about it…pretty classless move that ends up biting him in the ass. I like that Aphra contacts Sana for help with her master plan; it’s a nice window into their previous involvement that we’d learned about from the Star Wars series. And I like her adding insult to the Sava’s injury by letting him know the symbiotes were disintegrated. It’s also funny, while being pretty sad and telling of Aphra’s out-for-herself nature, that she just lets her friend dedicate her life to Aphra’s false find. It is good to know, though, that our little Aphra has been quite the clever scamp for a while, and it isn’t a new development due to the evils of the Empire.

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah! I’ve no idea why I typed that…Disney crossover, maybe? Anyway, what’d you think? Are you happy with Aphra’s debut, or are you let down? Would you rather have had a longer main story and no “coda,” or do you think the second story was worth a short first issue? (For the record, I liked the second story – Star Wars college seems pretty legit.) What do you think the deal is with Aphra’s dad? Is he a weirdo cultist, or is that just how people on his ilk dress (whatever his ilk is)? And why do you think he blew the whistle on his daughter? Is he trying to draw her into his cult, or does the apple not fall far from the tree and he’s up to something? Give the book a thorough second read and let me know what you think in the comments…or I’ll have my main man Krrsantan knock you into next week (which might not be that bad since you’d probably get to read another post straightaway)…until next time, TWS out.


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