Poe Dameron #9

Ladies and gentlemen:  it’s not only comic book day, but it’s also Rogue One Eve, which, I daresay, is more exciting than Christmas Eve will be…yeah, that’s right, I went there…and I don’t take it back. Star Wars > Christmas. That’s where my head is…who’s with me? Anyway, this week we catch up with Poe Dameron and his strange side adventure with C-3PO & Oddy that has some very interesting developments that pertain not only to this series, but also to The Force Awakens, so let’s not prolong the inevitable anymore and get started!

Poe Dameron #9
poe_dameron_9Our adventure begins on the giant, pink Washington Monument that works similarly to Coruscant except that instead of going down levels, you go up. Pretty interesting premise. To get things rolling, we’re given visual evidence that Kaddak is a bad place by seeing a body falling past our heroes’ current level (also, on the top of this page, we see a Trandoshan [maybe?] dressed like Santa…very festive) to his tragic demise to the shock of no one because that’s apparently just how things go on Kaddak. And to further show how much of a badass Terex is, we find out he not only fits in here, but he’s pretty much in charge…yeah, that’s right:  in a place where tossing people from the top of the spire is no big deal and there are crooks and gangsters everywhere, people are afraid of Terex. I just love this character. Moving on, we get a flashback to when Terex and Corlac came to Kaddak after leaving Jakku to meet up with a couple devious-looking ladies that were going to “help us bring back the Empire.” I was in the same boat as Terex initially when he says, “I don’t understand,” because I thought Corlac wanted nothing to do with the Empire anymore and Terex was the one who wanted to bring it back, but it turns out Corlac thought the Empire’d been dying a slow death since before Jakku and didn’t necessarily want to bring that version back, but, instead, some version that will be more in line with what the Empire used to be or should have been (so, is this one of the Imperial sects that they’re trying to unify in Aftermath, or is this group already aligned with Sloane big boss man at that point? This is such an interesting time period for Star Wars…it’s like the story’s being flipped on its head and the Empire is the widespread group of unrelated cells and the ex-Rebellion/New Republic is trying to keep them in order…curiouser and curiouser). So they hash out a plan to use Terex’s old connections to a shipyard to start building a fleet. Now, back in the present, Poe and 3PO argue semantics about who should call who “master,” eventually bringing up Han Solo and how he borrowed money from the Guavian Death Gang (who just happen to be nearby)…well, a couple little freaks sitting behind them while they’re talking (Kanjiklub, obviously) can’t help be overhear this information and decide to go ask the Death Gang if it’s true and end up striking a deal to go after Han since they find out he’s basically pulling a fast one on both of them…while this is going on, BB-8 grabs some intel from an unassuming mouse droid and we find out the droid the heroes are looking for is in the hands of the Rancs, a criminal group that Poe says he’d rather be tossed off the spire than deal with…so, yeah, they’re pretty bad. Back to Terex, we see a group of ne’er-do-wells roll up on him and the leader, who Terex recognizes, says Terex is sitting in his seat…then we flash back again and see the same group of thugs (more or less) with Terex, Corlac, and the ladies at the shipyard where Terex is trying to break them in to get their fleet. All goes well, and we see a huge supply of TIEs (including a Striker in the bottom right) and, low and behold, the Carrion Spike…I guess it was in for a tuneup or still undergoing repairs from the Tarkin novel and that’s how Terex ends up with it. Pretty clever. So, back in the present, Terex and Whisper do their best Han and Lando impression from when they meet in ESB, but then they pull weapons on each other and have a chat. Turns out the gang’s still loyal to Terex even though Whisper is supposed to be the leader…so loyal, in fact, that they shoot Whisper so he won’t be a problem. Definitely a rough crowd, and it speaks volumes of Terex’s leadership that he’d still command loyalty after being gone so long. The book finishes up with our heroes checking with the Rancs about the droid they’re looking for, which the Rancs are trying to sell…in theory, if they could just buy it and be on their way, it’d be a pretty open and shut mission…but, of course, it’s not that easy:  Poe gets recognized, stunned, and the rest of the group gets guns trained on them from nearby thugs…how’s ol’ Poe gonna get outta this one? I’ve no idea (actually I do, I have a feeling droids will be involved), but I’m looking forward to find out…

This series has taken a dramatic turn for me:  initially, I wasn’t that interested, and kinda hopped it was going to be a mini-series that ended after the whole egg-worshiping fiasco, but it slowly improved with the prison arc (though I still didn’t like it all that much) and now it’s knocking it out of the park so far with this arc. Honestly, the shinning star throughout the series, for me, has been Terex. I like his character more than Poe; he’s literally stealing the show. So, what do you think? Are you enjoying this arc, or would you rather have more like the kaiju egg or prison? Do you think Terex’s group will be the ones that coin the name “First Order,” or will that be another sect of the Imperial remnant? Do you think we’ll see Terex outside of this comic series, or is he destined to die before it ends? Do you think it’s cool how he gets the Carrion Spike (well, how I assume he gets it anyway), or not so much? And what of Corlac? Do you think Terex double-crosses him, or do you think he’s another cog in the First Order machine we haven’t seen yet? Or maybe he gets out altogether…give the book a thorough second read and let me know what you think in the comments…or I’ll send my main man Terex to visit you dressed as Krampus…it’ll be a seasonal disaster for you, trust and believe…until next time, TWS out.


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