Star Wars #27

Okay, so, cards on the table, full disclosure, I don’t really care for this Yoda story-line…I know, I know, “but Bryan! It’s Yoda!” And you’re right, it is, but an iconic character being involved a good story does not make. Like I said in the holiday catch-up post, I had high hopes for this arc, and I guess I still do, they’re just not as high…at this point, I just hope I like the next book, and that it’s the conclusion so we can get on with the “real” story. I used to look forward to the one-off Obi-wan’s journal issues, and I hope they get back to that format and abandon the (so far) at least three issue, extended interludes. Anyway, now that I’ve pretty much talked you out of reading the rest of the post, let’s get to the comic!

Star Wars #27
star_wars_27The issue opens up with Obi-wan writing in his journal with the Force, which might be my favorite part of the whole book; it’s very Harry Potter-esque. Plus he makes a little joke about being alone in the desert, which is pretty funny. No one ever wants to be on the poor desert planets. When we get back to Yoda, he’s confronted with angry, primitive children with spears with blue-stone heads. They have a small discourse before one of the kids flings his spear at Yoda, who has a hard time moving it as it’s “alive in the Force.” Then the rest of the children launch their spears at Yoda, who this time moves rocks in front of him to block the projectiles instead of trying to simply shove them away. The kids are pretty impressed, as you’d imagine, and so they have a more civilized conversation and find out Yoda is from “the sky,” and that he was called to them by their “skyscream,” which we find out comes from some kids swallowing pieces of the blue Force rock, to increase their “stonepower,” and then screaming for help with their minds. So, basically, if you eat this magic rock you can then use the Force…ooookay. The story of the planet is a lot like the one from the Obi-wan & Anakin series:  it’s a now-primitive world (though this one is much more primitive) because war tore the previous civilization apart. One side won and kept most of the Force power rocks, the other, the kids Yoda is with, were banished to the “mudfields.” We then find out that the “Muckwhackers” (the kids Yoda is with) have a “Rockhawker” (the other, higher faction) captive. Yoda learns that the Rockhawker is afraid of the mountain itself for some reason, but before he can inquire further, one of the Muckwhackers decides they should kill their captive rather than continue feeding him. The apparent leader of the Muckwhackers tries to calm him down by explaining that they’re good people, unlike the Rockhawkers, but it doesn’t work and they fight. When their blue-stone spears clash, Yoda says there’s a great disturbance in the Force as if the planet wants to tear itself apart. Yoda stops them from fighting by pulling them apart in the Force, and then tells them to let go of their anger and fear and trust in the stonepower and the Force. He then leaves the Muckwhackers with the now-freed Rockhawker as his companion, and heads toward the mystical blue mountain. When he arrives, he finds that the Rockhawkers are just different children, though they seem older…it’s like the “good” faction, the Muckwhackers, are middle-school kids, and the Rockhawkers, the “bad” faction, are high-school kids…high-school kids that paint their faces like skulls…so death metal high-school kids…anyway, they want nothing to do with Yoda and start, as you’d expect Rockhawkers to do, hawking rocks at both him and the captive with him. Eventually Yoda gets knocked out because he can’t move the blue rocks, and comes to with hand and feet shackles made of the blue rocks. He’s told he has to go find the “heart of the mountain,” and, if he does, they may let him leave. We last see Yoda on his way up a long stairway into the mountain, and are told though he’s the mightiest of Jedi, he’d never felt so small…and now we have to wait for issue #27 to find out what the hell’s going on here…where are the adults? What’s up with the blue mountain? How does eating part of it give you Force power? It’s a goofy, old-EU-feeling story that, like I said, I don’t really like…I’m intrigued by it, for sure, but so far I’m not a huge fan…

And that’s that…the end. Okay, not quite…so, what do you think? Are you a big fan of this strange arc and can’t figure out why I don’t like it? Or do you agree that it’s meh at best right now? What about eating rocks to gain Force power, pro or con? And what do you think is in the heart of the mountain, all the adults? Some kind of Force monster? A Force user of some kind? SNOKE!?!?!? Kidding…give the book a thorough second read and let me know what you think in the comments…or I’ll get one of the Rockhawkers to wake you up in the middle of the night with their crazy skull-painted face and bonk you on the head with a blue rock…until next time, TWS out.


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