Doctor Aphra #4

Comic book day, comic book day, Wednesday is comic book day…yes, that was to the tune of the old “Spider-man” theme song, well-played…anyway, we’re cruising back to Yavin this week to catch up with Doctor-not-Doctor Aphra and see what her goofy-but-finally-on-to-something father has set into motion with his Massassi artifacts…will any good come of it? Well, for poor Miss Aphra’s sake, we can only hope…the real question is:  will everyone make it away from the Imperials in one piece? I have a feeling yes, but they better not kill off Krrsantan just to add “weight” to the story…I will be several shades of ticked off…well, that’s enough introduction, to Yavin!

Doctor Aphra #4
aphra4So, the crazy beams are shooting out of the temples, and, of course, oddly-dressed Imperial lady notices. Not being a total blundering idiot, she notices papa Aphra using some kind of coordinate capturing device by its reflection and sends her troops after our “heroes.” After a slight delay, Mr. Aphra finishes collecting his data and the group hurries right into a very blundering officer that Miss Aphra (she’s not a Doctor anymore, dammit) kicks down the stairs, creating a domino effect that knocks down his Stormtrooper accompaniment. Since they can’t go back the way they came, the pick another route and send Beetee to slow the pursuing troopers down…which he does by blowing them up…it’s effective, if a bit over-the-top. Not knowing exactly where to go, they notice a giant hole in the side of the temple and decide to go out that way. They fend off a small group of troopers and make it out only to find themselves face to face with an AT-AT…tough break. But, as the badass he is, Krrsantan swoops in just in time to pick them up with their rad-looking ship. Miss Aphra almost falls out of the ship as they swerve to avoid fire from the AT-AT, but her dad grabs her, dad-joking that “if you had stayed away from the fieldwork, you’d be on the tenure track by now.” Sorta funny; dad-joke funny. They escape, jump to hyperspace, and enter the coordinates to what should be the Citadel of Rur and the Ordu Aspectu…before we find out, though, we see Captain Tolvan debriefing Admiral Ozzel about what happened and find out she had previously been in charge of security on Eadu before being given her “punishment duty” as rebel base inspector for what we all know happened on Eadu in Rogue One. I thought this was a pretty interesting tidbit and not a symptom of the “small world syndrome” that often happens in Star Wars when trying to tie every story to something else; they didn’t over-involve her or go into awkward details like if she’d responded three seconds sooner then the Death Star would be safe and the Alliance would be no more. It’s just a simple mention. Pretty cool. Then we find out that she was earmarked as a promising officer but is lucky to be alive since it was Tagge that doled out her punishment and not Vader. She leaves things with Ozzel as if she’ll be going back to business as usual, but then we see that she’s preparing her troops to launch, presumably to follow Aphra & Co. Basically, Tolvan is to Aphra as Terex is to Poe…I can live with that…I just hope they explain her outfit sometime as I’m incredibly curious (maybe it’s hiding injuries suffered on Eadu?). Now, back to the main gang, we come out of hyperspace and…hey, they really did find something…I thought it was going to be another “wild goose chase” moment where you think it’s going to be what they’re looking for but it’s actually just another clue (and maybe it is, maybe this isn’t the citadel). So, down on the desolate, cold, half-blown-up moon with a city on it, we see several long-dead Jedi-looking figures of varying species that seem to have been cut down in a fight that ended a long, long time ago…but we won’t know more about it until the next issue! BAH! I mean, I knew it was going to end here, but I was still hoping it wouldn’t…definitely pumped to see where this goes, especially since they just announced that they’re doing a crossover arc involving a Luke/Aphra team-up and a certain “Screaming Citadel”…sounds interesting…has the potential to be really hokey, and maybe, dare I say it, a little dumb, but I’m going to keep an open mind ’cause it could just as easily be a really great arc. The real question I have is how does Luke end up wherever Aphra is/is going? Is the “stonepower” place where Luke is presumably headed the same place that Aphra is (I’d say “no,” but they may be in the same system)? Is the “stonepower” place where the leftovers from where Aphra is ended up and Luke will find his way there from clues he finds? I think it’s clear that the Massassi and the “stonepower” are linked somehow, I mean, the stones Aphra’s dad used to “turn on” the temple signal were blue and glowy…maybe the blue “stonepower” rocks are what powered the Ordu Aspectu’s immortality machine…I don’t know, I’m just thinking there’s definitely some link between the long Yoda interlude in the Star Wars series and the upcoming crossover…that or they’re really just using the long interlude to kill time until the Aphra series catches up enough to kick off the crossover (if that’s the case then the Yoda interlude is going to straight to the bottom of my new canon comics hierarchy)…I don’t know, but it’s certainly a lot to think about…

So what do you think? Starting with just Doctor Aphra #4, how’d you like it? I think it’s a pretty solid book in a pretty solid series. What are your feelings on Captain Tolvan and her being at Eadu? Yay or nay? Are you excited to find out more about the dead Jedi they found? (Really, how could you not be?) Now, on to the crossover, what are your predictions? Has the Aphra comic and the Yoda interlude all been leading up to this upcoming arc, or will it be an entirely different story altogether? Are you looking forward to “The Screaming Citadel,” or did you roll your eyes when you read about it? Give the book a thorough second read and check out the info. on “The Screaming Citadel” and let me know what you think in the comments…or I’ll uh…hmm…well, I’ll do something you really won’t like! Yeah, ponder that for a while…until next time, TWS out.


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