Poe Dameron #11

So, so so! If you check your calendars, you will see that it is, in fact, Wednesday again. Now, what that means, aside from it’s hump day, the day after Valentine’s Day, and the 15th, is that it’s comic book day! Hooray! And this week we get a break from the stonepower and archeology to move forward in the timeline and catch up with Mr. Dameron and my favorite heartless badass:  Terex. So what’s going to happen with Poe and the droids when/if the Rancs’ ragtag squadron catches him? Is he going to lead them to the Resistance base? And what’s up with Oddy?!?! We’ll find out all of that and more (or maybe none of it…who knows?!?!) this week on the Weekly Scoundrel! *APPLAUSE*

Poe Dameron #11
Poe_Dameron_11_digitalSo, Poe’s escaped with his trio of droids, leaving Oddy behind because he’s, oddly, sneaked aboard the Carrion Spike for who knows why (I thought he was the spy, but if so, why’s he sneaking?), and now Poe decides to just wish his pal the best of luck and hit the hyperspace lanes to D’Qar. Turns out Oddy’s still hiding out on the now-in-space Carrion Spike, that’s surrounded by the Rancs’ Frankensteined starfighter fleet, and sees my hero, Terex, walk by so we switch to his perspective and find out that he’s leaving the operation to wait for Poe’s X-wing to come back out of hyperspace in his fellow criminals’ hands. Safely alone in his chambers, Terex dials my girl Phasma and they have a heart-to-heart about how Terex is out of uniform (we also find out that Terex was “hired” into the First Order under no false pretenses:  they knew he was a crime lord), how he was supposed to report and didn’t and now Kylo is getting grumpy (also, we find out Terex met Vader and says he was “a terrifying magical strongman” compared to Kylo; can you imagine how emo that would make him?), how the droid Poe picked up is a decoy with a tracking device, and how Terex can destroy the Resistance without disrupting the First Order’s plans because he’s not only First Order, he’s also Lord-General of the Rancs. Then he makes a joke about Phasma polishing her armor and hangs up on her…again! Terex is like a honey badger! (Is that reference still viable?) Feeling totally stoked on himself, he has his servant (slave?) get him a drink as we transition back to Poe, who’s putting the pieces of the puzzle together out loud with his two droid companions (the decoy droid is currently deactivated…I don’t remember being told it was deactivated at any point, but it’s not a big deal either way) until he comes to the conclusion that it was Oddy…so now we cut to Oddy who looks like he’s about to jump someone on the ship but instead just pops out and says he’s a tech that accidentally got stuck on the ship…the Ranc doesn’t buy that since Oddy has a blaster, so the two start fighting and it turns out awkward Oddy can hold his own in a fight. He eventually bests the guy and asks him where his wife is…? Whaaa? So, clearly the servant/slave (probably slave) from earlier, who’s actually appeared a handful of other times in the series, is Oddy’s wife and he’s been selling out the Resistance as a way to reunite with her? This…makes little sense…there are two better options as I see it:  First, Oddy could just tell Poe about the situation and he would probably find a way to help (though maybe not, he’s pretty hardline and may not put “feelings” before duty); Second, if he’s selling out the Resistance, why doesn’t he just make a deal to secure his wife’s freedom? (This option may have been the original deal then, as Vader does in Empire Strikes Back, Terex altered the deal.) I don’t know, something smells stinkowiff here, but we don’t get to find out what because we skip back to Poe who decides to pull out of lightspeed and wake up the droid “operative” that Poe suspects may not be what he seems…N1-ZX  being a good subterfuge droid plays dumb right up to the point that the Rancs show up. Terex realizes they’re not at the Resistance base so he decides to just kill Poe and move on. Poe tells BB-8 to send a message to the first order, tells both N1-ZX & 3PO to shut up, and decides to try to fight it out with the Rancs while his hyperspace route is calculated since he can’t outrun them. His plan goes okay for about five panels, but then he takes a debilitating shot and starts going down toward the closest planet…which looks like it might be yet another desert world…but we’ll see…though not until next issue since Poe’s crash landing is the end of this one…I was really not ready for this to be over yet. I know I bring this up a lot, but this series has really done a 180 for me. I’m looking forward to seeing how things move forward (as long as there are no more kaiju eggs)…

So, what’d you think? Was Oddy doing everything for his wife an eye-roll moment for you, or did you think it was realistic and romantic? How about Terex’s don’t give a !#@% attitude:  hate it, like it, or love it? And what of the Rancs’ hodgepodge starfighters? Are they trying too hard, or is it cool that they’re all cobbled together? Lastly, what do you think’s going to become of Poe now that he’s shipwrecked? Obviously he’s not going to die, but how’s he going to get out of this? Did BB-8 get a message to the Resistance before they went down? Will Oddy come through and save the day? Give the book a thorough second read and let me know what you think in the comments…or I’ll tell Kylo you’re the one who said Darth Vader was a much more terrifying magical strongman…until next time, TWS out.


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