Poe Dameron #12

Greetings and salutations, and welcome, once again, to Wednesday! Congratulations on making it through yet another week, my hat is off to you…anyway, this week we find out how effectively Poe can perform evasive maneuvers on foot when under assault from enemy starfighters (cobbled-together as they are) versus his usually-stellar ability whilst piloting an X-wing…my money’s on not nearly as well…but, hey, that’s why we read, right? Any given Sun, er, uh, Wednesday…yeah, so, about that comic, let’s begin!

Poe Dameron #12
poe12So, Poe and the droids have crash-landed on yet another desert planet (or maybe one we already know, I guess), and the Rancs are coming in hot. Poe finds a cave to hide in, but, of course, 3PO can’t run (and certainly not in sand) so Poe goes back, heaves him across his shoulders, and runs for it…and it turns out he can avoid laser fire pretty well on the ground…who knew? So, the group’s stuck in a cave…meanwhile, up in space, Oddy is reunited with his wife and swears vengeance on Terex for being not only an evil badass, but, unfortunately, a slaver too (that took Terex down a few pegs in my book…I mean, I kinda saw it coming, but there was that chance that Terex has a more interesting reason for keeping Oddy’s wife…). Unfortunately for Oddy (or maybe fortunately, Oddy’s chances of actually beating Terex have to be a least 10,000 to 1), Terex has already left the ship and is on the ground looking for Poe, and looking particularly stunning in his samurai-esque modified Stormtrooper armor, I might add (they seriously need to make a black series figure of Terex in his armor…it’s so rad). One thing I will say about the Rancs is that I appreciate the species diversity they have, but damned if it isn’t a boy’s club (or seems like one, anyway, I guess there are some species where the sexes aren’t quite as visually different). So the Rancs find themselves in a big, open chamber in the cave system and Terex warns them to “look sharp,” right before BB-8 drops a stalactite on some of them…pretty cool plan, but I don’t think he had much of an exit strategy because he ends up getting his grabby-rope-arm (that is the technical term for it, just by the way) cut and he falls into a hole of some kind, never to be seen agai…oh, wait, that can’t be right…once again we have a series that’s suffering from the “how’s he get out of this” vs. “will he get out of this” type of suspense that’s inherent in a story that happens before later events involving the same characters…but oh well, such is life…now down to three, surprisingly, 3PO decides he has a plan, so Poe and the droid that I would have blasted into a million pieces already head out leaving 3PO to whatever it is he’s going to do…which appears like surrender at first (also, it’s pretty hilarious that Terex finishes 3PO’s introduction speech for him…I got a kick out of that), but it turns out 3PO’s plan was to sick a bunch of bat-monsters on the Rancs…it seemed to work okay right up to the point where Terex chops off 3PO’s leg and steals his memory chip (and we get another “how’s he get out of this” moment)…so Terex keeps coming, makes a whimsical comment about echoes, and has Poe sweating in his boots when who should come calling on the comm but none other than Black Squadron, who are up in space about to blast their way through the Rancs to get to the surface to save Poe! …but then the book’s over…dang…so I’m guessing Oddy called in Black Squadron, yeah? Seems to be about the only logical explanation…that or 3PO’s designed with some kind of signal beacon that goes off when his memory is tampered with…which could be possible…I guess we’ll find out next time, huh? (I wish I had a dollar every time I said that…)

So, there you have it! Admittedly, it was kind of a lull in what has recently been one of my favorite series…serieses…? But it was one of those setup issues that you get from time to time when you only have so many pages to work with and pieces have to be put in position…it happens…so, what did you think? Terex’s armor is as glorious as ever, right? Do you think BB-8 set himself up over that hole on purpose, or will it be a happy accident that he ends up saving the day somehow later? And what of 3PO? How’s he get out of this? Do you think Oddy called in Black Squadron, or were they alerted by someone/something else? Give the book a thorough second read and let me know what you think in the comments…or I’ll have 3PO tell those bat-monsters that your brain is the most delectable morsel in the galaxy…until next time, TWS out.


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