Introducing the Hyperspace PodBlast! (A Star Wars Podcast)

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, just like I teased in the New Year’s Update, yours truly has his very own podcast! Well, it’s not my very own, I guess, it’s technically half mine and half @ShelBB8’s…you know, joint custody…or something…anyway, it’s been live for about a week, and we’re getting some really positive feedback that’s been very humbling since we honestly didn’t expect anyone other than, well, each other to listen to it…now, I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “self, why on earth did they put out yet another Star Wars podcast?” That’s a valid question, to be sure, but, just like with Jello, there’s always room for more Star Wars podcasts, and, to be frank, Star Wars anything! And what we’re putting out, we think, has its own niche that could fit right in with the rest of your indulgences from the galaxy far, far away…

So, the general premise of the show is:  A Star Wars Podcast with & delivering discussion, theories, and speculation in 30 minutes or less – the emphasis being on the 30 minutes or less portion. We’re trying to be a shorter, weekly show that you can fit in during a regular commute, on a run, working out, sitting in the break room, or, you know, during your afternoon meeting…in other words, we know you’re busy, but we know you love Star Wars, and Star Wars-related discourse, so our goal is to deliver said discourse without taking up too much of your precious time. That’s how we came up with the idea of having “hyperspace” in the name, as well as coining (I’m pretty sure) the phrase “podblast” (because it’s like a quick blast, get it?)…oh, and did I mention it’s got a definite humorous tinge to it? If you’re a regular reader, you probably already guessed that, seeing as I’m (in my head, anyway) a pretty funny guy, but if you’re new to the site, first of all, welcome; second of all, take a look around and I imagine you’ll get a feel for my sense of humor more or less instantaneously (it’s pretty pervasive). Hopefully you’ll enjoy what you read and come back for more, but if you’re one of those “reading is so last century” kind of people (or any other kind of people), maybe the podcast will hit that sweet spot for you…I guess what I’m trying to say is, “please like me!” …only kidding, I’m saying give the podcast a try, and don’t be shy about the blog either…

You can find the podcast on all the main podcatchers (iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, etc.) by simply searching “Hyperspace PodBlast!,” or you can just click the Hyperspace PodBlast! link right —> here <— or at the top of the page…so many options! By the time this post hits the interwebs, there will be six whole episodes available for you to check out, including our newest episode where we talk about romantic relationships in Star Wars as well as "shipping"…it's a pretty great episode if I do say so myself (which I do…and just did). All new episodes will go live on Mondays, so be sure to subscribe if you like what you hear so you don't miss out…and if you really like what you hear, maybe take a minute to write a review since they help “grow the brand” by making us more visible to others…so, yeah, I think that’s about it…since you’re done reading this, you should totally go listen to the podcast, and, while you do, may the Force be with you…


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