Star Wars #30

Why. Is. This. Story. Line. Still. Going?!?!?! Oh, I mean, it’s Wednesday, comic book day, Thursday, hooray! Now, if you’re really in-the-know about comics, so to speak, you’re aware that the first issue of the Rogue One adaptation came out yesterday; and, if you’re an astute reader, you noticed that the title of this post is simply “Star Wars #30.” Put those two tidbits together and you probably come to the conclusion that I won’t be writing about the Rogue One adaptation…and you’d be right! Congratulations! While I’m sure it’s great and I’m not advocating against getting it, I decided that The Force Awakens was the last comic adaptation that I was going to purchase – with all the Star Wars stuff coming out in so many different forms, I made the executive decision to cut comic adaptations from the budget…I did have a weak moment at one point yesterday when someone on Twitter mentioned it had more “bonus content” than the TFA comic did, but I held firm and didn’t cave…I’m proud of me…anyway, with that out of the way, let’s talk about the end (thankfully!) of this way-too-long Stonepower journal interlude…

Star Wars #30
Star_Wars_30So, ignoring the fact that 3PO is captured and R2 took off alone to find him, Luke went to planet Stonepower and ran into Garro…getting through this long, unnecessary, filler (that’s right, I said it, it’s filler!) arc has been a war of attrition (thus my post coming out on Thursday instead of on Wednesday, as per usual)…anyway, so Garro wants to know if Luke’s come to steal the remaining Stonepower, assaults him with Force-powered spearheads, and summons rock monsters that are now the size of children that he expects Luke to help him kill…then we go back to Yoda vs. the giant rock monster and see that he’s holding it up with the Force, stopping it from stepping on him – that is until the Rockhawkers give it their all and the rock monster smashes Yoda with its fist…or so we think (not really, because Yoda clearly doesn’t get smashed) until we see Yoda’s lightsaber poking through the creature’s fist and then witness Yoda heaving the beast back with the Force…then, it turns out there are more rock monsters sleeping under the surface that the Muckwhackers have awakened with Yoda’s chant (this will probably all be covered in the new standalone film The Stonepower Awakens). So, while the rock monsters fight, Yoda goes to have a chat with the Rockhawkers and we go back to Luke having a chat with Garro about how Yoda ruined everything and when people leave the planet they lose their Stonepower. Garro says Luke has to help him kill the rock monster kids to make up for what Yoda did, but Luke sides with them and says no one has to die before being impaled again by a spearhead…then we’re back to Yoda, who says there will be no more dying (parallels, whee), and tells Garro to put down his spear and end this war – and then current Garro tells Luke, “Die, you wretched Jedi! And help me end this war!” To which Luke replies, “…and this war of yours…look around you. It’s already over.” Then we’re back to past Garro, who does drop his spear, claims he’s a coward, and walks away. Flash back to present and Luke is holding Garro off and protecting the rock monster children. Somehow, this makes things click in Garro’s head and he stops his assault, touches the now-grey mountain, and, in a flash of blue light, become one with the Stonepower. Then we see Yoda leaving the planet and everyone there being happy, all the human factions, as well as the rock monsters. And from all this, apparently Luke learns the lesson that “A Jedi must humble himself before he can ever be powerful.” Seems like they could have done that in a more interesting, less un-Star-Warsy-feeling, shorter way, but, you know, swing and a miss (for me, anyway)…so, to finally end this arduous journey (more arduous for the reader than Luke or Yoda, if you ask me – I’m sorry I’m so negative, but I really just didn’t like this arc), Luke ventures to the heart of the mountain to get it pumping again, and Yoda, current Yoda, on Dagobah, feels Luke’s accomplishment and says, “Soon ready he will be. As ready as he will ever be. Find me then, he will. Here waiting…I will be.” Now, this last page is actually a pretty fascinating aspect of this story:  it shows that, as he was doing with Kanan, Ezra, and Ahsoka, Yoda is keeping tabs on Luke and how his trials and tribulations with the Force are progressing. To me, this reinforces the fact that those three, as well as any other Jedi-related Force-users must be gone by the time of Return of the Jedi because it appears that Yoda can sense the Force being used, much like Snoke and Kylo sense “an awakening,” so if there are any other Jedi out there I would think Yoda would inform Luke of this instead of saying, “When gone am I, the last of the Jedi will you be.” So, five issues in and there’s finally an worthy tidbit…not really worth the 20-ish dollars, but this happens with comics…it’s a long game…

So, now that this arc is finally over, what did you think? Did you enjoy it and think I’m off my nut for disliking it? (I honestly would really like to find someone that enjoyed it so I can feel better about it existing.) Would you like to see the Stonepower planet revisited in future Star Wars stories? What if there’s mention somewhere that it’s one of the places Luke and Ben traveled while seeking ancient Jedi knowledge, would that be a yay or nay for you? And what do you make of Garro “becoming one with the Stonepower,” as I mentioned? I think Luke should have reacted more astonished and perhaps taken aback by it since it’s reminiscent of Obi-wan disappearing, but I reckon they didn’t have time for that sort of reaction in the issue so they kept it humdrum…anyway, give the book a thorough second read and let me know what you think in the comments…or I’ll book you a one-way ticket to the Screaming Citadel (which I am really, really looking forward to, just by the way)…until next time, TWS out.


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