Poe Dameron #13

W-W-W-Wednesday! And, even though it’s the 19th, it was an unlucky 13 for our Resistance hero, Poe Dameron…that said, though, this was a pretty great issue in what’s (as I’ve been saying over and over it seems lately) becoming my favorite Star Wars series…so, let’s quite putting off the good stuff and get right into the epidsode, shall we?!?!

Poe Dameron #13
poe-dameron-13-coverSo, I know I said this is a pretty great issue, and it is, but I’m going to start out by griping that my girl, Captain Phasma, makes an appearance on the cover…but never shows up in the issue…it’s like the cover is a trailer and what appears on it isn’t in the issue…anyway, Poe is down and out with his only “alley” being C-3PO’s seemingly worthless droid agent. Black Squadron is in the air, but they have their hands full with the Rancs, which is where the issue proper begins:  comm chatter between Black Squadron members as they fight through the Rancs. Meanwhile, Poe is pinned in his hiding place with N1-ZX. Luckily, though, Poe has his old Motorola flip phone (honestly, that’s what it looks like) that he uses to upload a droid personality template that Snap sends him into Nunzix, turning him into…yes, that’s right:  MISTER BONES! And, as Mr. Bones does, he starts wreaking havoc on the Rancs. I’ll be honest, I love Mr. Bones, and I shed a tear first when he came back, albeit in a less-than-spectacular physical form, and again when Snap says he’s good luck…it was a great moment, and a simple, but meaningful, way to tie Aftermath and this series together. While Mr. Bones is doing his thing, we go back into space and find that Karé’s been hit and can’t evade three incoming ships…she says her goodbyes to the squad, but it turns out to be premature as the Carrion Spike starts opening fire on its own team…we then find out that our unlikely hero Oddy has programmed the modified stealth ship fire on anything without a Resistance transponder and freed all the slaves aboard the ship and sent them all off on escape pods, so Black Squadron’s new mission is to protect those pods. Back on the ground, Mr. Bones has cleaned up all the Rancs…except one, of course, and that one, unfortunately, makes short work of Mr. Bones (RIP again, my friend). Out of options, basically, Poe decides to give Terex a nice drop kick from his hiding spot, knocking him to the ground and rocking his helmet off and his weapon out of his hands. Now Poe has the drop on him, his blaster out and pointed right at him…and it appears he intends to use it, Cassian-style, doing what must be done…then we’re back in space, and Black Squadron is doing well, or so it seems until one of the pods gets got…we find out it’s not Oddy’s, but L’ulo takes personal offense to them firing on a defenseless pod and goes HAM, taking him back to his Rebel days…unfortunately, in a beautiful full-page panel, what looks like a double-stacked TIE with Jedi Starfighter wings gets the drop on L’ulo, turning his ship to scrap…I had a feeling he wasn’t going to make it out of the series because we didn’t see him in The Force Awakens, but seeing A-wings in the recent The Last Jedi trailer had me questioning that assumption…tricky trailer…back with Poe, Terex surprises our hero by throwing a small blade right into the back of Poe’s hand, making him drop his blaster and dropping him to the ground…now Terex has the upper-hand, and a vibroblade he intends to dispatch Poe with…that is, until the spherical astromech that we all knew wasn’t really gone saved the day:  BB-8 shows up and zaps Terex into unconsciousness. Back in space, the Spike is back under the Rancs control and it looks to be the final confrontation…that is until a First Order Destroyer appears out of hyperspace and makes life miserable for…the Rancs? It turns out Terex pissed off the wrong person, and now the First Order is out for blood…and Terex. They take out all the remaining Rancs, including the Carrion Spike (RIP Tarkin’s resurrected ship), leave the Resistance ships alone, and send a cruiser to the ground…and who comes out to meet Poe? A tall, female  officer blonde hair that introduces herself as…Commander Malarus…whaa whaa…anyway, Poe advises the eyes in the sky, so to speak, to record the interaction on the ground so the First Order knows if they do anything nefarious it’ll be recorded and likely start a war…turns out, though, the First Order is just there to collect Terex. Before he’s carried off, though, Poe takes a picture of him with his flip phone, er, I mean, has a short conversation where Terex gloats about taking out one of Poe’s squadron to which Poe responds, “I lost a friend, but you lost pretty much everything.” And that’s that for the issue…see, pretty great, overall, right? I mean, it had MISTER BONES! How could it be anything less than great? I wonder if we’ll find out Terex’s fate with the First Order, or if we’ll have to just assume he’s tortured and killed by Kylo and added to his “ashes of my enemies” pile…I’m definitely looking forward to seeing where this series goes:  what do you think the next step in project find Lor San Tekka?

So, there you have it! Were you disappointed Phasma wasn’t involved even though she was on the cover and they had a tall, female officer at the end? Were you overjoyed to see Mr. Bones, or, if you’ve not read Aftermath, were you confused as to what was going on? Or was bringing him in an eye-roll moment for you? What about L’ulo getting shot down? Were you surprised? Sad? Apathetic? I was sure from early in the series he wasn’t going to make it, but had really started to wonder thanks to that The Last Jedi trailer, as I said…what about Terex, my favorite character in this series, what do you think his fate will be? Clearly the First Order is not happy with him, so I’m thinking it doesn’t look good…give the book a thorough second read and let me know what you think in the comments…or I’ll have cute, little BB-8 roll up on you and shock the living daylights out of you…until next time, TWS out.


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