Darth Maul #3

Wednesday, schmednesday…but, hey, it’s comic book day, so that’s a plus! And this week we check back in with Darth Maul and his band of merry bounty hunters as Maul endeavors to satiate his vengeance against the Jedi…oh, and it’s a secret, just in case you hadn’t picked up on that…how’s he going to get any sort of satisfaction by killing a padawan that managed to get herself captured by scoundrels? I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

Darth Maul #3
Darth_Maul_3It appears our young Twi’lek has a bit of an Ahsoka streak in her:  she’s pretty snippy – especially for a captive being auctioned off to the highest bidder in a group of deviants…she changes her tune slightly when Maul brandishes his lightsaber, but their introduction is interrupted when the host of the get together shows up with her droidekas with the Iron Man paint jobs. Maul talks his way out of trouble, but you can tell Xev Xrexus is on to him…back on the ship, the crew finds out from the poor protocol droid that the Chadra Fan loves to torture that there’s no way they can win the bid, but they do get him to calculate who will win so they can change their approach…back in the main room of the event, Maul looms, angry, as usual, and the auction begins (also, it appears a certain buff Hutt is in attendance now – I’d not noticed him before). While everyone’s distracted by the auction, Maul’s bounty hunters take out all the poor saps waiting for their auction-winning partners to show up – turns out, though, it’s a trap that Xev was setting up for Maul & company. Seems like a pretty harsh deal for the winning bidders, but, I mean, you don’t get to be the top of the underbelly food chain by shaking hands and kissing babies…anyway, the winners show up with their prize to find Maul and the bounty hunters waiting for them. A battle ensues where Maul takes out everyone on his own with no weapon, except he does use the Force to turn his cloak into an anaconda that suffocates one of the patsy winners – a move that the padawan takes note of and tries to bring up to him, again being snippy, but Maul cuts her off and tells the group they’re leaving. It appears the group’s going to get away scot-free, giving Maul and the padawan time to talk:  being snippy yet again, the padawan calls him out as a Sith and says he’s scared and tries to goad him into fighting her, which, little does she know, is exactly what he’s planning anyway…we then move to a shot of the ship getting away, and there’s a little back-and-forth between Aurra and Cad where Cad makes his apprehension about this deal known again by saying, “no such thing as easy money.” About this time, Tek-tek gets a hint from one of Maul’s probes that there’s an explosive on the ship, and it’s too late to do anything but hit the deck…we then see Madame Xrexus watching the ship fall, dead in space, toward the moon below while sipping what’s sure to be an exquisite vintage of exotic wine…and then she drops the bomb:  “The hunt begins shortly. Buy-in is 350,000 credits.” Boom! Fade to black…(well, not really, turn to next issue preview of lightsabers bisecting Maul and the padawan’s faces)…so, not only did she setup those poor fools that won the auction and take their money, now she’s running a manhunt with a 350,000 credit buy-in! This character is legit…

Overall, I thought it was a fairly “meh” issue, though it’s mostly a transition, and sometimes those just aren’t the most exciting read, unfortunately. I do really like the idea of the impending manhunt though…so, what did you think? Do you like Snips Jr.’s attitude, or do you think it’s a little much considering her situation? And what about Madame Xrexus, is she a badass or what? Do you think she’ll end up on the moon to watch the manhunt firsthand, or will she stay safe and sound on her station? What do you think will happen with the bounty hunters when the ship crashes? Will it be everyone for themselves, or will they stick together and bail on Maul? Will Maul take out all the would-be hunters and then finally get the Jedi battle he’s been so desperately wanting, or do you think the Jedi will show up and ruin everyone’s good time? Give the book a thorough second read and let me know what you think in the comments…or I’ll tell Xev Xrexus to send her Iron Man droidekas to your school to blast you to bits in front of all your friends…until next time, TWS out.


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