Poe Dameron #14

Hello, everyone, and May the 4th be with you! Also, yes, I’m aware I’m a day late, but life happens and this and that and sometime I don’t have enough time to post on Wednesday…I’m aware it steals away the brightest part of your day, though, and for that I apologize profusely…anyway, so, yeah, before I go watch The Force Awakens for this Star Wars Day, here are my thoughts and the latest “tweener” issue in the Poe Dameron series that serves as both homage and omen, enjoy:

Poe Dameron #14
Poe14Any time General Organa is on the page or on screen, it’s bittersweet:  that Carrie Fisher’s life and legacy will live forever because of her brilliant portrayal of the iconic character is a blessing, but it also opens the wound of her loss, sometimes so much that fresh tears form and streak my cheeks, sometimes so slightly the sting is hardly noticed – but it’s always there. The thinly-veiled homage to Carrie in this comic that is L’ulo’s funeral was one of those times where it was the former. Poe comparing the story that Leia told him about Obi-wan’s transcendence into the Force for how he feels about L’ulo being both gone but still here, being “luminous,” is exactly how we, the fans, feel about Carrie:  she’s figuratively luminous as her talent and fire continues to light up our lives, and she’s literally luminous as she’s brought back to life through the magical lights and sounds of her cinematic performances. Sometimes, strangely, I almost forget she’s really gone…this issue addresses that, though, as well…as I said, it’s also an omen:  General Organa says, “I’m sorry to say, probably sooner than we’d like…I’ll be luminous.” A poignant reminder that as with Carrie, so must go Leia…how the powers that be handle the situation before them is scarcely a task I’d wish on my worst enemy, but, as of now, I have complete and utter faith in them because I believe, like us, they feel the loss and know it’s more than ticket sales and revenue – Star Wars in general is more than that, much more than that, but the situation with Carrie is more than that 100-fold. I don’t look forward to finding out, though, because that has a sort of finality involved that I wish not to think about; however, I do long to absorb her final performance, as, honestly, agonizing as it will most likely be. As I was mostly dumbstruck on my first viewing of The Force Awakens because I could hardly convince my brain that it was real, so will I be heartbroken upon first watch of The Last Jedi and probably not fully absorb every wonderful bit of Star Wars as I should – that first viewing, though, is for Carrie; it’s her swan song, and I intend to focus on it fully, leaving the rest of the film for later…

So, I didn’t really intend to go about Carrie Fisher and mostly ignore the book as a whole, but, sometimes, when things organically happen, we may as well let them, yeah? As far as the book goes, as I mentioned, it’s a “tweener” issue that falls between the last story arc and the next – the main points to notice are the Leia is grooming Poe to be not just the best pilot in the Resistance, but a leader, Oddy and his wife bailed on Black Squadron and the other freed slaves, the memory chip Terex stole from 3PO is useless because it had it when BB-8 zapped him, and, because of that fact and his disobedience, the First Order has turned Terex into the new, higher-tech version of Lobot, Tseebo, etc. As you can probably imagine if you keep up with my affinity for Terex, this hella bums me out…

And that’s basically it:  I really miss Carrie Fisher, but I’m looking forward to where her personified character, General Organa, goes in both this comic series and in Star Wars as a whole – also, I’m wondering what’s to become of Terex…is he still the big bad in the series even though he’s a cyborg yes-man, or is Phasma going to step up…or Kylo? If you think about it, both of them show up on Jakku, so it’s within reason to assume they take over the “follow Poe Dameron around the galaxy” duties…what do you think? Did this issue inspire thoughts of Carrie for you as well, or am I just not coping well? And where do you think the series goes for here? Give the book a thorough second read and let me know what you think in the comments…then take full advantage of what remains of your Star Wars Day and do something Star Warsy that you love…after all, that’s what it’s all about…until next time, TWS out.

Generally, I use the cover art for the attached image, but I thought the first panel spoke more to how I was moved by the issue, so I went with a zoomed-in version of that…


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