Why Can’t I Stop Playing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

I have a problem.

The problem is Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, a free turn-based combat and collecting game by EA. Galaxy of Heroes taps into something essential to my being– a proper mix of collecting, upgrading and skill I can really get behind. In a nutshell, you battle to gain experience, unlock abilities and gear, and collect character shards, which are used to unlock the character in question.

I woke up at 1:30am and, almost against my will, my hand reached for my phone. Turning the brightness and volume down so as not to wake my wife sleeping directly beside me, I opened GoH and proceeded to play for two straight hours, completing all my daily activities and trying to get a few much needed pieces of gear.


That wasn’t the end, though. I woke up again around 5:00am, nearly an hour before I really need to be out of bed, and played until I ran out of energy. At work I noticed my guild had opened a raid, and proceeded to play all five battles. Then at noon I claimed my extra energy and played through another dozen or so missions on my lunch break.

At home I claimed two currency deliveries and two additional energy reserves. I finished the remaining challenges and worked to get higher up in the Squad Arena.


Effectively, this game has become the glue that connects all other activities in my day.

And there is so much to do. There are Light Side and Dark Side Battles, Cantina Battles, Ships, Challenges, Mod Battles, Squad Battles, and my personal favorite, Galactic War– a 12-battle gauntlet where you gain larger prizes for each victory. They also have events, login rewards, and new characters added regularly (Fulcrum Ahsoka was recently confirmed as coming soon). And I’m not the only one. According to EA’s 2nd Quarter report, players log an average of 2 hours a day on this game.


GoH is free to play, and while riddled with the standard extra shards/characters bundle packs that cost real money, one can ostensibly play the game free forever, which can be problematic if you plan on doing anything else with your life.

My problem is not that I enjoy Galaxy of Heroes. The problem is that I seem to do nothing else.


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