Doctor Aphra #7

The screaming continues, but it has less to do with the citadel and more to do with me asking out loud in an angry voice, “why isn’t this story better?!?!” I think the most disappointing thing is that it’s interrupting the regularly scheduled Doctor Aphra comics that I was enjoying…silly Marvel, “gothic horror” is, well, not for kids, I guess, but not for you – at least not in this capacity…anyway, since I’ve completely tampered your expectations into dust, let’s get on with it!

Doctor Aphra #7
Doctor_Aphra_7So Aphra & Luke are running away from the symbiote-controlled menagerie when Han crashes Aphra’s awesome ship (or “beautiful…expensive ship” as she calls it) into the doorway where the monstrous creatures were about to spill out. Sana tries to shoot Aphra on site, but Luke deflects the blaster bolt away. The group (which includes Han, Leia, Sana, BT, 000, Luke, and Aphra) argues about right and wrong, dangerous versus misunderstood, blah, blah, blah until they have to run away from the Queen’s neatly-dressed guards, assassins, et al. BT opens a door for them, they go in, they seal the door behind them, and find themselves in a room housing a bunch of those should-be-quarantined Abersyn Symbiotes. Aphra & Luke break off again to check that blast doors are sealed (why anyone let them go off alone again I have no idea) and have a heart-to-heart about choosing sides and find out they both lost loved ones, blah, blah, blah…then it appears that Aphra has purposely led them right to the Queen, but that’s a little shaky (it may have been an accident)…oh, it turns out the Queen has some kind of mind-control power…neat, huh? She commands Luke to kneel and he does so obediently; Aphra, however, puts her goggles on and presto! The Queens powers don’t work on her. So Aphra and the Queen make their deal to reactivate the Ordu crystal, but then the others show up, Aphra runs, and the shooting begins. Han rounds the corner trying to be all manly, despite warnings of the Queen’s power, and ends up kneeling as Luke did. Now down Luke & Han, Aphra tells Sana & Leia that “the back wall is thin enough for Beetee to blow,” so those two leave Aphra to whatever she’s going to do and rejoin the droids. Before they put their blow the wall plan into motion, though, 000 suggests they take a symbiote because they “do not like to be implanted in certain species”…I don’t like where this is going…but they do it, and transport it in a droid that’s just hanging around. Then they blow the wall, find Krrsantan, who’s been beat up by that captain or whatever rank (the guy from the last part of the story – I’m too lazy to look it up). Leia fires on the guy with no real effect, but all she wanted was a distraction so the others could get Krrsantan. They drag him to a room while Leia runs from the captain guy, and then BT gives him a hearty blast, knocking him back so they can seal the door. As I feared, 000 does impromptu surgery on Krrsantan to implant the symbiote…the captain guy bursts through the door because he’s a beast, but now Krrsantan is up, foaming at the mouth, with red eyes, looking completely mental – the captain guy says, “no,” as if he knows what’s happened and it isn’t good…then we see a creepy-looking Krrsantan roar and 000 warns things are about to get messy, and the book ends…WTF DID THEY DO TO KRRSANTAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, okay, the story isn’t that interesting, and, honestly, not very good – I’m really disappointed that this is what follows the whole Stonepower garbage because that was really hard to muddle my way through as well…but now you’re messing with Krrsantan by making him some kind of symbiote-powered monster?!?! There better be a way to reverse this, and they didn’t just sacrifice Krrsantan to save their own skins or I’m going to be way past mad…way past…

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, so, what’d you think? Does anyone out there like this Screaming Citadel arc? Sure, “hate” is a strong word, but it’s creeping its way into my repertoire for how I feel about this crossover…I think it’s the fact, like I mentioned, that it follows a low point in the main Star Wars comic and that I was so looking forward to it that makes it so utterly disappointing…anyway, what do you think of the Queen’s mind-control powers? Hokey or hella cool? How ’bout the symbiote-crazed Krrsantan? Are you never going to forgive Marvel if that’s how he goes out, or is it good riddance for you? Give the book a thorough second read (if you can stomach it) and let me know what you think in the comments…or I’ll tell, I don’t know, somehow make this story arc into the next stand alone movie…*shudder*…that’s a serious threat right there…until next time, TWS out.


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