Forces of Destiny: Sands of Jakku (Review and First Impressions)

I think I’m going to like this series.

Firstly, let’s talk about the animation style since that seems to have been one of the major gripes I’ve seen about it (aside from the “obvious” ploy of just having the show to sell dolls). I kind of like it. For a series that is going to have episodes that, so far, last less than three minutes, you don’t need a complex hi-def style. With the target audience’s age there is no need to wow and amaze (let’s remember, once again, this is a kids show). The simple movements are easy to follow and and aren’t distracting. It reminds me of both Star Wars: Clone Wars and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It has plenty of detail and the colors pop. Rey and BB-8 look fantastic. I find I’m very much drawn to Rey’s face, and it show’s a lot of emotion and depth, despite the uncomplicated style. I’m a fan.

Story-wise, I’m excited to see where they go. Like the series headed by Genndy Tartakovsky, I hope to see an attention-grabbing, yet short, plot be delivered in each episode. I get that a few minutes is not a huge amount of time to start, develop, and resolve a story, but it’s a great opportunity to show small highlights of characters we love in between the major films, series, or even literature releases. Apparently, the trip back to Rey’s hideout had a night watcher worm (graboid?) try and take BB-8 before Unkar Plutt had a chance to buy/steal him. Rey proves she knows how to deal with this sort of creature, and saves the little droid for the second time in as many minutes. They eventually make it home and she appeases the beast with some scrap.

Overall, I can’t wait to see the other spectacular female characters of Star Wars continue to show how awesome they are. Naysayers beware, I see this series having a special place in the hearts of fans (and don’t tell me you won’t be holding back tears when Leia shows up). I’m looking forward to what they have lined up. If you haven’t watched it yet, GO!


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