Forces of Destiny: Sands of Jakku


“The choices we make…the actions we take…moments, both big and small shape us into Forces of Destiny”

The wisdom of Maz Kanata told me all I needed to know about this series. Forces of Destiny will feature everyday decisions of the ladies of Star Wars, enabling us to gain a better understanding of their complex emotions and motivations. These moments, of the small variety, flesh out some of our favorite characters and give us a few minutes to connect in a different and fresh way.

And I am beyond all about it.

In “Sands of Jakku”, we start out with a line that brings a particular question to my mind. It appears this takes place shortly after Rey saves BB-8 from a Teedo. She says:

“Until someone comes back for you, you can stay with me.”

As someone who has spent most of her life waiting for the same, how long does Rey realistically think that could be? She obviously feels a responsibility to take care of a small being left alone on an unforgiving desert planet…

And then we catch up with this old friend:

A nightwatcher worm (or nocturnal sandborer) wants to order a #8 with BB on the side for lunch! Rey lets us know that he feeds on junk (much like the steelpeckers on Jakku) and that he probably hasn’t eaten today. Odd, considering the planet seems to be riddled with junk. Perhaps Jakku is being scavenged so much that these cute little guys are starving?


Unfortunately, BB-8 can’t out-roll this dude and disappears under the sand. What does Rey do? She stays calm, settles, and listens. Do you hear that music? Oh yea, that’s totally the Force. Throwing her staff like a javelin, she nails the worm beneath the surface to rescue her new spherical friend.

Once she gets them both to safety, Rey shows compassion to the disheartened nightwatcher and feeds him some scrap metal. This moment, not saving BB-8, is the featured “moment” for Sands of Jakku. She has an innate kindness for creatures, droids, and others. Perhaps she connects to them unknowingly through the force…

“How did I find you? I’m just lucky, I guess.”

To conclude with cuteness, she boops the equivalent of BB-8’s snoot and the droid shakes the worm slobber like a dog. What a companion!

And that’s it! So much packed into a short, sweet, easily digestible package. If this is the level of quality we can expect to see as this series continues, it will be a real treat.


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