Forces of Destiny: BB-8 Bandits

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny

My new daily dose of Star Wars didn’t disappoint with BB-8 Bandits. Some are saying they liked this episode much more than Sands of Jakku. While I can’t say the same, this episode features more action and deepens the bond between Ray and BB-8. No wonder she wouldn’t sell the droid to Unkar Plutt.

BB-8 Bandits clued us in that these shorts will have at least some continuity and continuation between them. It will be interesting to see how many shorts each character is featured in, if they will have some singular connecting thread or at least one connection from the previous episode, and how the viewing experience will change when someone mashes them up at the conclusion of the series.

Teedo comes back looking for BB-8 and isn’t too sneaky about it. Rey peers over her speeder with BB-8 (adorable, btw) to scope him out while his friends/colleagues/employees sneak up behind them to begin the confrontation and chase. Honestly, I had previously thought of Teedo (the plural) as disorganized and loners. Turns out they work with others, including a brosky with a cyclops eye (neat!).

The chase scene was exhilarating. This animation style isn’t everyone’s favorite, but as a lover of both eastern and western style anime, I find it to be a beautiful breath of fresh air. The sounds transport you back to Jakku, and Rey’s ability to shake two-thirds of her assailants in a fiery wreck caused by themselves is thrilling.

“Turns out you’re quite a popular droid”

Just like with Star Wars fans (I see what you did there) and just like with the nightwatcher worm. Rey realizes (with the subtle hint from BB-8 *wink wink*) that she can use her hungry friend as an advantage against Teedo and speeds into the trashed star destroyer.

The pursuit comes to a standoff between Rey and Teedo with the hope that one good turn deserves another. Sure enough, our nighwatcher bud shows up for a proper meal and snatches Teedo’s bike from under him.

As he retreats, BB-8 has concern for Teedo, reminding us that Rey wouldn’t do anything to harm anyone unless she absolutely had to. They head out to Niima outpost and she leaves us with a worm and fuzzy feeling:

“Thank you! Enjoy your dinner!”


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