Forces of Destiny: Ewok Escape


Our scenery changes in the third episode of Forces of Destiny to the lush landscape on the forest moon of Endor. Leia is following our furry little friend Wicket as she tries to find her friends. They hear a commotion and Wicket beckons her to follow as his eyes narrow with an enthusiastic little ewok growl.

2017-07-05 (1)

She chases after him and they find a confrontation between the fuzzy natives and stormtroopers. Without hesitation, Leia is ready to help Wicket’s friends, but he is already 3 teddy bear steps ahead of her as he makes his way up a tree. She watches in concern for her tiny companion.

2017-07-05 (2)

“Can you believe it? These things are everywhere! Primitives! I’m surprised the Empire didn’t deal with them when we arrived.”

The storm troopers rough up the little Star Wars fan favorites and bring up a grave thought. What if the Empire had dealt with the ewoks immediately? Love them or hate them, they play an extremely important role in the downfall of the oppressive regime.

Cue valiant music as Wicket makes his brave move. I like to imagine his “Yub Nub!” exclamation as the Star Wars equivalent to “Puppy Power!”

2017-07-05 (3)

Wicket traps two stormtroopers, and Leia points out how capable these intelligent fur balls are: “Hmm, smart little guy.” However, Wicket soon finds himself hanging out with his captives a little too close for comfort. I’d like to think his friends would have jumped into action as the troopers attempted to blast him, but of course our girl Leia is on it like blue on milk.

2017-07-05 (4)

Once the situation is under control, we return to the Ewok village and…wait…what’s that? Do you hear it? Ah yes, it’s an instrumental version of Yub Nub in the background. Disney says you’re welcome.

As Leia is chilling in the trees, her pint sized pals present her with a gift of gratitude for her help. I love seeing these creatures showcase how “human” they are. She disappears into a hut and returns looking nothing short of regal in her frock from the latest Yub Nub by Ewok collection. High end stuff, guys. Their reaction says it all, totes adorbs.

2017-07-05 (6)

Of course, every girl needs to complete the look with the proper functional accessory. Leia thanks them, and asks while miming her request:

“Does it come with a spear?”

2017-07-05 (7)

Would you expect anything else from the hutt slayer? Her dedication to understanding, learning, and embracing the customs of this tribe showcases just how similar Leia is to Padme. They both had the utmost respect for creatures who were different and recognized they were in no way superior. Wicket somewhat ceremoniously hands over his spear and solidifies his appreciation of her as a warrior.

The lesson in this short:

Never underestimate the impact of small things, be it ewoks, a group of rebels, or a web series of magnificent short stories.


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