Forces of Destiny: Ewok Escape

This daily release schedule is hard to keep up with. In Episode 3, Ewok Escape, we’re treated to an extra scene between Leia and Wicket during the mission on the forest moon of Endor.

I enjoyed this one because I personally  like the scenes on Endor from Return of the Jedi. While I think we can agree the ewoks are a little ridiculous, not in a bad way, I know I enjoyed them as a kid and they don’t bother me now as an adult. I love all their involvement in the story. The bond between Leia and Wicket shows their willingness to work together in defeating not only the stormtroopers we see in Jedi, but these ones as well as they threaten Wicket’s friends. His ingenuity ends up leaving the troopers tied to a limb, with Leia returning to the village to show us when she receives her custom Endor dress.

As with the previous episodes, this one looks great. The stormtroopers seem to me a blend of Rebels and Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars. I like it. While Leia looks as good as Rey in this medium, I’m honestly not sold on her voice. While I understand that the producers needed to turn to someone other than Carrie Fisher to provide the voice, it just doesn’t feel like Leia. Perhaps it will grow on me in time, we’ll see. It’s also interesting to see ewoks animated for the first time since their cartoon series. I may be wrong, but I think it’s been that long. They look a little creepy, but it’s hard to translate their look from Return of the Jedi to this, so I get it.

All in all, it was a great short. I see that Leia had just this one for now, so maybe it won’t be two episode shots. We’ll see. Can’t wait to see Ahsoka, which I’m about to watch right now.


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