Forces of Destiny: The Padawan Path

Ahsoka is back! Late for a rendezvous with Master Yoda and Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano rescues a mother and daughter from a malfunctioning droid. After dousing the robot in water, she makes it to the Jedi Temple in time to receive an addition to her learner beads, signifying her progress as a Padawan.

It’s always great to get more Ahsoka these days. With her fate up in the air, (looking at you Dave Filoni), any new content with our favorite togruta Jedi is welcome. Her design is great, as have been all the characters in this series. I liked that they purposefully showed the droid had malfunctioned by showing it’s exposed and sparking wires. This way the droid wasn’t  just in a murderous rage, which would be a little intense for young viewers.

The action is fast-paced in this episode even though it goes by quick. Ahsoka’s short work of the runaway droid is swift, but her finesse with a lightsaber is spot on. Loved it. Now, on to what I didn’t like. Can you guess?

Screenshot (10)

Yeah, about this. I’m stoked to be able to see Anakin and Yoda again. The style suits Yoda well, I think. His scraggly hair is whispy and he looks ancient. And, of course, hearing that voice again takes me back. But Anakin. . . I don’t know. It just doesn’t seem like Matt Lanter’s voice should be coming out of that face. I don’t want to sound too negative, but it threw me off. If I had seen this character in that form anywhere else, I could not have told you it was Anakin. Maybe it’s just me, but that was my only hang up on this episode.

We’re four episodes in on Forces of  Destiny. I’m still a fan and I’m actually getting bummed knowing they’re going to come to an end. I’ll just have to enjoy them while they’re here.


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