Forces of Destiny: The Padawan Path

2017-07-06 (13).png

Full disclosure, I was pretty bummed that we weren’t getting a second episode of Leia and ewok cuteness today. However, this very well might be my favorite bit of Ahsoka I’ve seen to date.

The Padawan Path starts off with Ahsoka ripping through Coruscant trying to get to her ceremony. She explains to her master that her tardiness is a result of just getting off of patrol. Duty-driven, Ahsoka maintains her responsibilities first and foremost.

We see Anakin reassure master Yoda that Ahsoka will be there soon and that this ceremony is important to her. But hang on, let’s just appreciate this gorgeous Force tree for a second:

2017-07-06 (7).png

*sigh* ok good. Moving on…

Ahsoka is on the move when she hears a cry for help. She pauses, and you see the decision process in her face. Is this not her problem? She’s already late, should she just go?


And we see visually, that’s just not who Ahsoka Tano is. She runs into the alley and immediately starts evaluating her surroundings and the situation.

The cause of the commotion? A malfunctioning droid, very industrial looking, is terrorizing citizens. Mother and child of some alien species (not sure what they are but I’d love to know, super cool looking) fall and come close to some robot squishering.

2017-07-06 (14).png

Not today folks, not today. The Star Wars fandom crowd cheers as Ahsoka smashes the threat with a huge bin at the last second. And let’s appreciate this epic stance:

2017-07-06 (6)

The music gave me chills. Her face makes me want to give some misbehaving droids the beat down. I’m so here for all of this.

As rad as this initial attack was, it doesn’t finish the droid off. He turns his attention to the padawan as she brilliantly begins to reassess the field. Ahsoka doesn’t just use brute force like her adversary, she thinks. A dripping pipe above gives her inspiration in her finishing move. She undercuts the droid with her dual sabers, drives herself upward, and gives kids one of many lessons in this episode: water and electronics don’t mix so don’t put mommy’s iPhone in the toilet.

2017-07-06 (10)

I can hear all the Ahsoka fans shrieking with this scene, and I very well might be one of them now. The art fits her so well, both her image and her fighting style. With the sizzle of the droid behind her, the mother thanks Ahsoka for her help. Our hero responds with concern that they are alright with this cute moment:

2017-07-06 (9)

Squee! Alright. I’m done.

With the imminent danger eliminated, Ahsoka remembers the ceremony and scurries off. We cut back to Yoda and Anakin.

“Have faith in her, you must”

Master Yoda reminds Anakin. He touches those pouty lips as he assures Yoda that he does in a not-so-convincing tone. I find the back and forth between Yoda and Anakin throughout this short amusing and comical. Yoda knows Ahsoka’s heart and never doubts her, while Anakin just tries to play it cool.

Ahsoka rocks up out of breath apologizing for being late. When questioned, she doesn’t try to make excuses or look for accolades for her actions, she simply says there were some complications.

Humble and brave, you are. A sign of maturity, this is. Much growth you have shown, Ahsoka Tano. On the path to becoming a Jedi knight, you are”

2017-07-06 (11).png

This path Yoda speaks of, and the title of the episode, is not straightforward. It’s full of small choices like the one Ahsoka made today.

And real quick, let’s talk about the gorgeous, scar-free, luxurious-haired, plump-lipped, thick-browed, elephant in the room:

2017-07-06 (13) - Copy.png

This must be a really important ceremony because Anakin’s looking like he just left the Sephora counter. I’m hoping for a YouTube tutorial soon.

The jokes about this *look* simply tickle me, but I’d like to feature this one:



Finally, Ahsoka fans get the cherry-on-top.

2017-07-06 (13)

“I’m proud of you, Snips”

So our lesson(s):

There is always time to help someone. Very simple, very direct, easy for kids to understand. And…

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. This path is what shapes Ahsoka into a force of destiny. This is only a short snippet, but it speaks volumes about her character.


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