Forces of Destiny: Rey’s Arc

I’m not yet sure if each character will get two episode arcs, but I’ll make the assumption for now and run through the first two episodes of Forces of Destiny.

Ok, so I still like what they’re doing with this series even though it’s pretty early to make a call. But, still, I think it’s great. In the two episodes we have of Rey I’ve enjoyed seeing her friendship with BB-8 be expanded on. The adventures they have before their real story even begins in The Force Awakens makes it that much more endearing.

In Sand of Jakku Rey out wits a night watcher worm to save BB-8 from ending up as a snack. I reviewd that in the last post so let’s move on. Here in BB-8 Bandits we see Teedo try a second time to snatch the little droid. This time around he has some help. Rey deals with them handily and faces off against her rival one-on-one. Well, not exactly. Remembering the giant worm she previously avoided, Rey leads Teedo right to him. At first I thought he had been eaten as well, which was a little dark, but he was thrown free as his speeder was devoured.

Screenshot (6)

I have to repeat myself and say I’m drawn to Rey’s face and eyes. There’s a lot going on there despite the simple animation. The action is great. The short form could make it so you just have some dialogue and walking around, but the chase and fight scenes are entertaining.

As I said before, this looks to be an awesome series. The women of Star Wars are among the best characters to grace storytelling and it’s fantastic to see a series dedicated to them. I’m especially excited to see Padme and Ahsoka in future episodes. I hope everyone is enjoying them as much as I am.


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