Forces of Destiny: Beasts of Echo Base


Leia returns to Forces of Destiny with a little more action!

Let’s talk about episode 6…I mean…uh…5? To be clear, Disney’s official YouTube channel incorrectly named this episode 6 at the time of today’s release, however all episode titles have now been striped of numerals and all were finally added to the Forces of Destiny YouTube playlist. I find it concerning that a project with both intense scrutiny and exciting interest from fans, not to mention the high stakes for a market Disney is trying to tap into, appears so unorganized. But let’s move on.

We begin with Leia and R2-D2 searching for Chewbacca in the corridors of Echo Base. Upon hearing the cries of a wookiee in distress, they investigate further. Gotta give it to Leia, she bravely treads forward with that dinky lantern like an overconfident horror movie chick.

2017-07-07 (1).png

They find their friend and at first are perplexed as to why he won’t come on out. Upon further inspection, they realize he’s been claimed as a wampa’s pillow pet. There isn’t much opportunity for them to try and get him out discreetly as C-3P0, in typical fashion, comes through on Leia’s comm and wakes the wampa from his 40 winks. Rude.

2017-07-07 (3).png

Basically how I look when someone wakes me up 5 minutes before my alarm. Chewie runs over to R2 and Leia free from this sleeping beauty’s grasp. Leia, always thinking of the cause, knows they can’t let the wampa get into base because she’s seen that deleted scene from ESB and knows it’s a freaking mess. She orders R2 and Chewie to go secure the door.

2017-07-07 (4).png

2017-07-07 (5).png

As her friends scramble, Leia works as a distraction. Eventually, the groggy and cranky wampa has had enough of this crap and swipes her puny lantern out of her hand. Our princess doesn’t back down and gracefully slides between his legs, running to the exit and calling out for them to be ready to close it. Of course, Chewie hits the button and nothing happens…

2017-07-07 (7).png

As per usual, R2 has to save everyone and does so in just the nick of time. You hear the wampa roar, which roughly translates to “Just give me my privacy! Gosh!”

2017-07-07 (8).png

The episode concludes with Chewie’s thank you and a you’re welcome hug from Leia, followed by, “Oh my god guys, you’d all be dead without me” from R2.

Overall, cute and nice to see Leia get a more primary role in saving the day vs the Ewok Escape episode. Shelby Young does a great job with Leia’s voice in both of these shorts, and in all seriousness, this is a very cool tie-in to the deleted wampa scene. While better animated, there is still no way I’ll be purchasing a creepy Forces of Destiny Chewie doll because I like sleeping at night.

My gripe with this episode is the seeming lack of “lesson”. I realized just how much I was looking forward to it when it wasn’t there. However, I’ll attempt to make a stretch on a few, some serious, some not so much…


  • Be bold, be brave
  • Trust your friends
  • Work together to beat your adversary
  • Always have an R2 unit on hand
  • Make sure your doors work before going into the dark scary void
  • Read “If you give a Wampa a Wookiee” and take the teachings to heart
  • Please, silent your comms and enjoy the movie



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