Forces of Destiny: The Imposter Inside. 

While preparing to receive Arthurian dignitaries, Senator Amidala is the target of an assassination attempt by a changeling. Quick action by Ahsoka and Padme foil the plot.

So, the fact that we get Ahsoka and Padme in this episode is awesome in its own right. They’ve always made a great team together in the past, so I’m glad the producers made the natural choice to put them back together again. And showcasing how observant Ahsoka is was a nice touch by her catching the unneeded eating utensils at the table. She was quite often the one to notice something was off in The Clone Wars. 

The assassin attempted to eliminate her target with a blaster and explosive. Needless to say the blaster fails because, you know, Jedi. But the trick with the detonator was great. Padme’s kick to the table and Ahsoka’s dissection of said table to free the bomb was great. Luckily, nobody was flying by the balcony when she sent the bomb flying out of the window.

To have these two amazing characters back together was excellent. They show how well they work together once again. While I feel Padme’s design didn’t have a whole lot of detail, it was distracting. All in all, the series continues yes to be awesome.


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