Home One Hangout: A Year Later

Wow. It’s hard to believe a whole year has gone by since Home One Hangout hit the podcasting airwaves. There’s been so many things that have developed since then. We added two additional shows to our “pseudo network”. Our Facebook page and Twitter have gathered a great following. And now, we have this blog to be able to bring even more content to our listeners. It’s been an amazing year and the outpouring of support from our fans is truly humbling and continues to blow our minds, which included us being nominated for the Star Wars Podcast Awards. So let’s go back in time to when there was no Home One Hangout and see how we got from there to here.

I had been listening to Star Wars podcasts for a while before I got the idea to start one. I had never listened to a podcast before 2012 but when I got my new iPhone I looked up the app and decided to check it out. My first podcasts were political or historical in nature. But then one day I was on one of my favorite Star Wars fansites, the legendary TheForce.net. Considering I had been visiting the site for years, especially during the spoiler tsunami that was Episode III news, it’s hard to believe I had never noticed the link on the page labeled “The Forcecast”. And just like that, I had found my first Star Wars podcast. (Sadly, the Forcecast is no more.)

Soon, I found more. The Star Wars Underworld brought a real fan-made feel. Full of Sith gave great in-depth discussion of the topics. Making Star Wars brought the news, and so on. Seriously, at this point I don’t know how I manage to keep up with all the shows I follow. The more and more I listened the closer I felt to the rest of the fan community. Soon, I started to get a spark of inspiration. I didn’t want to just be a spectator, I wanted to be involved in it all. So I started wondering exactly how I could do just that.

Now, I have had several blogs in the past and never kept them up, so that was probably out (pay no attention to the fact you’re reading one right now). I had a couple Facebook pages that I left behind (including one of the earliest collaborations Matt and I did). It finally dawned on me that maybe I should jump into the arena of podcasting since I had become such a huge fan over the years. I should tell you now that I had absolutely no idea how to start a podcast. I didn’t go to school for this and have had no training whatsoever. But I felt this was where I should be going, so I jumped in head first.

First and foremost, I knew I couldn’t do this alone. So, who else could I turn to except my longtime buddy Matt. I asked if he’d be interested in co-hosting a podcast with me and he agreed. It should be said, and he has on the show, that he didn’t think this was going anywhere. I don’t blame him, really, but here we still are! I tried several methods that required skills I certainly didn’t have. Finally, I discovered Podbean. Oh, how much easier it became. With our new account set and ready, Matt and I were poised to make our break into podcasting.

Man did we fail hard. Not really, but it didn’t go too smoothly. Our first episode, which you can find here, was actually our third or fourth attempt at recording Episode One. Tech problems plagued us early on, but we finally ironed them out. I won’t say we’re the best sounding show out there, but we’re better than we were. I also had to teach myself how to even do this stuff. The last time I recorded my voice was on an old school Talkboy from Home Alone II. Yes I’m that old and it was a long time ago. Through various tutorials and a serious amount of trial and error, I figured out how to record and edit audio fairly well.

The show started to evolve quickly after that. We soon realized that we had so much we wanted to share and do with the show that they’d end up being way longer than we wanted. The solution: make more shows! Home One Hangout split into three distinct shows. Our flagship, Home One Hangout, would remain devoted to news and review. Home One Crew Lounge was created for discussion so we could concentrate on the topic we wanted to cover. And, Legends of Home One Hangout was dedicated to our discussion and reviews of things found in the Legends (or Expanded Universe) canon. We had our plates full. But even with the workload of producing and editing three separate shows, it seemed I was a glutton for punishment.

Not terribly long ago I had the “genius” idea that we should have a place where we could have dedicated articles and reviews. Matt’s a writer and I’m an aspiring writer. It made sense. So with that we entered the blogging world. We just don’t know when to quit, do we? And now we both contribute to other blogs as well.

With all this there has been an unforeseen, yet, inspiring side effect. The friends. We’ve made so many new friends over the past year, it’s insane. From fellow podcasters who started out the same time as us like Bright Tree Radio, The Trebel Bass, and the San Diego Sabers Podcast. To our amazing listeners who interact with us everyday on social media. We have friends across the globe now, and it’s humbling to say the least. Over this past year we’ve truly learned what the Star Wars fan community is, family. And that is why we do this.

So a year, three shows, 39 episodes and counting, a blog, and a Celebration later we’re still here. We’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I’m sure I speak for Matt when I say that the best part of all this has been the listeners. You guys rock. You inspire us. We thank you all for listening, reading, and supporting us on this journey through fandom.


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