Bigger is Better? (seriously minor spoilers)

So it seems, to this fanboy at least, that a ton of info has been coming our way in regards to The Last JediEntertainment Weekly is constantly giving us scoops, Lucasfilm drops some hints every now and then, and various other sources are consistently throwing stuff our way. This week, however, The Star Wars Show has given us another little nugget. Although the last time they showed something there was a little backlash for it, despite a clear spoiler warning, they are still in a giving mood. So, here’s a fair warning: If you want to know absolutely nothing about The Last Jedi before you see the film, look away.

Two new vehicles were revealed on The Star Wars Show along with an interview on with Kevin Jenkins, design supervisor for The Last Jedi. Nothing short of massive, which seems to be a theme with the First Order, the Mandator IV-class Dreadnought, (Super Star Destroyer?), and the AT-M6 walker look as though they can make an entrance. So let’s start with the biggest thing the First Order has to offer short of Starkiller Base.

The Dreadnought

A Mandator IV-class warship.

Described as a huge gun platform by Kevin Jenkins, this behemoth is more than three times the size of the dreaded Imperial II-class Star Destroyers from the Original Trilogy.  The two orbital autocannons, which you can see one in the pic above, look like they could get the job done by themselves. It almost reminds me of the huge laser cannon that was found on the nose of the Eclipse-class Super Star Destroyer from Legends.

While I find the design to be somewhat underwhelming, scale aside, I get it. The First Order comes off a bit on the practical/pragmatic side. I mean, they gave TIE Fighters shields so as not to loose them by the thousands. They seems to want to make things to serve a purpose, and this ship definitely looks like it is meant to just pound the enemy into dust rather than win architectural accolades. Hopefully we’ll get to see it in action in December. So I’ll say I’m a fan for now.

AT-M6 Walker


“Look at the size of that thing.” I hear Wedge when I look at this. While the AT-AT was a force to be reckoned on the frozen wastes of Hoth, this beast looks like it’s about to throw down. With ape-like front legs the AT-M6 brings a bigger gun in a bigger package. I’m honestly not sure how I feel about this one. It’s similar enough in design to the classic Imperial Walker, but the giant gun is tripping me up. Just seems a bit ridiculous. Plus, the “M” in the name stands for “MegaCaliber”. I don’t know about you, but the word “mega” has always felt a bit juvenile. Like, that’s something I would have named my spaceship when I was twelve: The Mega Awesome Ship of Coolness. But, I’ll reserve judgement until I see the movie.

So, that’s my quick rant on the latest additions to Star Wars vehicles. With everything that has been shown so far, as well as the rumors floating around, The Last Jedi looks to be amazing and different. What do you think about these new weapons of mass tyranny? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.



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