Forces of Photography: Yub Nub!

Wickets Climb Crop

Forces of Photography: an amateur collection highlighting the #ForcesofDestiny Figures

Yub Nub!

For this scene, I purchased Forest Moon Leia. She comes with this outfit, a helmet, a dress, shoes, a spear, a bow and arrow, and of course, Wicket. Inspired by the Ewok Escape Forces of Destiny clip, I decided to capture Leia’s awe of Wicket’s bravery.

The Stuff:
1) Forest Moon Leia
2) Wicket (and spear)
3) Moss (that same stinky moss from Rey’s Discovery shoot, craft store)
4) Green Stem Wire (craft store)


That’s it! Pretty simple. Although…getting a tiny, fuzzy ewok to hold onto a “vine” was the hard part. I ended up suspending the vine and Wicket separately. Tying a ring of fishing line around the tree, I wrapped the top of the stem wire around it and bent it into a vine-like shape. For my little buddy, I slipped a loop of line under his arm and headgear. The wind wasn’t my friend this day, and there were a few moments that I had to remember that this is about having fun, which it was. My engineering brain was thinking in center of mass and how to balance this little creature.

Here are some before photos. I’ve used red arrows to indicated the pre-edit fishing line:

I hope you are enjoying Forces of Photography as much as I am! Let me know what you think, your comments, ideas, suggestions, or if you just want to geek out about Star Wars!




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