Mace Windu #2

After a massive week in Star Wars comics last week, we get a slight reprieve this week with but a single book. My wallet expressed its most sincere gratitude many times, awkwardly – I had to threaten to buy every back issue of Savage Dragon before it would stop…anyway, Mace Windu, Jedi of the Republic is the only title to grace the surface of my Kindle Fire this week (and, to be honest, I’m a little relieved there’s only one issue this week…don’t tell my wallet). I’m cautiously optimistic about this series, but, after the first issue, I’m not going to hold my breath…so, that’s enough opening chatter, let’s get to it!

Mace Windu #2
mw2The tale of Mace Windu and the Jedi Underarmor continues with Mace & Co. traveling through some caves with an interesting goblins-meet-Gollum species that the Jedi can’t verbally communicate with. Fisto seems to think they’re being lead to a some kind of trap; however, Mace feels, through the Force, obviously, that there’s no malice in their behavior. He turns out to be right, and the goblums (that’s what I’m calling them, but by the way) lead them to their cool subterranean city that’s both lit and heated by the roots of the plant-life above ground. Pretty neat. While the Jedi attempt to discover why the goblums brought them to their underground city, one of the goblums drags over a battle droid that Rissa quickly dons a pair of steampunk-looking goggles to check out. While she does this, we see the Ultron-looking (I’m not sure I mentioned that last time, but every time I see AD-W4 now all I can think about is Ultron) mercenary droid have a little silly banter with the battle droids, find out where the Jedi are, and then command his troops to follow through with their plans while he joins them for “hunting.” Back with the Jedi, Rissa determines the battle droid is a scout and that some of its systems are still working. When asked if it could possibly be able to transmit, she says, “Maybe, Why?” And then things get bananas. The ground starts rumbling and shaking and roots begin to be plucked out and then “BOOOOM!” Droids are raining in from a hole, bombarding the Jedi. Mace, being a hero, goes after some destroyers while the rest of his strike team handle the other droids. Once he’s handled them in a series of pretty panels, he has a little heart to heart with Ultro–I mean, AD-W4 where the droid basically calls out the Jedi (and, for the record, I pretty much side with his take on things) while Mace, ever the true believer (perhaps so much so that he’s blinded by his beliefs, eh?), disagrees and begins the battle proper – purple lightsaber against cool, electrified, cylindrical sword. Meanwhile, the other Jedi are just doing their Jedi thing…Mace and Ultron (screw it, he’s Ultron) continue bickering and fighting until Ultron flies up on his rocket feet and uses the Force or robo-telekinesis or maybe Magneto power to toss a huge ball of combined junk toward Mace, who ends up getting slammed by it. Falling, perhaps to his death if he’s not caught in the Force by Kit Fisto (I wonder if he has flashbacks to this moment after being tossed out the window by Palpatine?), Mace loses his lightsaber. Once on the ground, he tells Kit he’s on cleanup duty while he and Rissa go after the big bad. They grab on to one of the great big emerald-like roots, Mace pulls his lightsaber to him, and then sees a droid eye staring at him through a hole in the “root.” After that, they’re yanked out of the ground and find that it’s a harvesting droid – the Separatists are harvesting the plants that have to store so much solar energy to continue living with their brief stints of sunlight to use to fuel their war machines. Mace and Rissa tear into a couple spider walker droid in another set of pretty panels, and we see the other Jedi pair attempting to mop up the remaining droids and save as many of the goblums as possible when things literally cave in on them. Either not sensing any danger or issue with his other Jedi companions (or not caring?) Mace and Rissa carry on looking for the big bad droid, and the issue ends with the two of them looking out over a mostly ruined field that the Seps have already had their way with…

Meh. Meh I say! So far, this kind of feels like it exists just because (or, you know, to get my money…which, I guess, good job!). The only thing really fresh or interesting happening here is the neat world-building they’ve done with this particular planet (and I guess Ultron is kinda cool). Honestly, though, this story is wholly unnecessary and, frankly, somewhat uninteresting. But, enough about me, what do you think? Are you just so excited that there’s a comic from the Clone Wars that you don’t care what’s happening? What do you think of this new big bad droid? Cool or lame? Do you think he uses the Force? Is he not a droid at all but a Force-sensitive version of General Grievous? Do you think they’re going to pull an awesome series out of the next three issues, or is this fish dead in the water? Give the book a thorough second read and let me know what you think in the comments…or, you know, don’t, and I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll pull the energy-heavy plants from above your house so that the cavernous ceiling becomes unstable and falls in…TWS out.


3 thoughts on “Mace Windu #2

  1. Have to agree with the meh judgement on this one. My interest is starting to wane. There are a few kick ass moments but on the whole it amounts to a big “so what”. Plus I thought the art was a little off this issue. I would say that’s a I liked the energy producing flora and fauna though.

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    1. “So what?” That’s a good way to put it – I plan to see the series through, but if something happened and they abruptly cancelled it, I wouldn’t really care. I don’t mean that as a slight to the quality of the product, necessarily, although it could easily be taken as one, it’s just…meh.

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