Home One Hangout #34: TLJ Trailer Talk

In our latest episode of Home One Hangout we devote our entire time in the briefing room to discussing the recently released The Last Jedi trailer. This thing was mind blowing, to say the least. While not present for the show, Matt did send in his initial reactions to the trailer and we share that with everyone. (Hint: He was excited). Mike and Chuckles run through a scene-by-scene breakdown of the trailer, adding their thoughts and speculation as they go.

In the Game Room, Chuckles breaks down some of the latest gaming news. First off, the the original Battlefront II for PC has resurrected it’s online capability. You can now go head to head with your friends just like back in the day. Next, Chuckles gives us his review of the recent Battlefront II beta gameplay and what you can do in the game. After that, Chuckle’s tells us all about Star Wars: Rise to Power. Or, maybe he doesn’t. This game, which we know nothing about, has an NDA to go with the aplha, so players can’t say anything. Bummer. Galaxy of Heroes is rolling out Thrawn again, but this time he comes with his awesome ship, the Chimaera. Also, Territory Battles will become guild vs guild. And, a character from The Last Jedi will be coming to the game soon. While it will be a variant of a character we already have, it should still be awesome.

In Fire At Will, we mention that Timothy Zahn will be writing a sequel to the successful Star Wars: Thrawn novel from earlier this year. Titled Alliances, it will feature a team up between Thrawn and Darth Vader. Also, Chuckles gives us his thoughts on the upcoming final season of Rebels since he wasn’t here for the last show.

New Acquisitions sees Chuckles picking up the new book From a Certain Point of View, and Mike FINALLY getting his hands on the 6” Black Series Grand Admiral Thrawn.

We also read two iTunes reviews from a couple of great listeners from the UK. We always appreciate feedback from our listeners and fans. You guys are the best.


Thank you all so much for listening and supporting us. You can reach us in the following ways.



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