Home One Hangout #35: A Solo Solo

On this episode of Home One Hangout, Matt and Mike run down a little bit of news.

First off, we found out that you can use your Amazon Echo to call up our show. Podcasts are now being syndicated with the device and your favorite in-home spy-bot can now play your favorite episodes of Home One Hangout.

They then go back to an old into an old segment. In Rebels Review they make a quick rundown of the Season Four Opener for Star Wars Rebels. This was a great opening to the finale season, and the guys ate it up. You can find our full review of the episode here.

In the Briefing Room, they discuss the official title for the upcoming Han Solo standalone, Solo: A Star Wars Story. The guys have a hard time coming up with anything better, so they figure it works. Right in line with the Solo film, Director Ron Howard revealed that fan favorites from back in the Dark Horse Comic days, Tag and Bink will be making an appearance in the movie. They bring up when Dave Filoni recently hinted at the possibility of another “arch” bad guy in the final season of Rebels. Speaking of which, the guys also discuss the changes to the airing schedule of Rebels.

When our hosts head into the Game Room, the topic of EA’s recent shutdown of Visceral Studios the main subject. We’re sad to see what possible negative effects this could have on the game they were developing. And, last but not least, they guys answer some questions from one of our biggest listeners.

Thank you all so much for listening to the show. We hope you enjoy, and may the Force be with you.


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