Mace Windu #3 + Darth Vader #7

Yeah, that’s right, I skipped a week, what of it?!?! I’ve just been feeling bogged down lately, and decided I needed a break, so I asked my boss (i.e. me) if I could take a week off and he (i.e. I) begrudgingly accepted. As it turns out, though, I’m going to be taking a rather lengthy break after this week…in fact, this will be my last hurrah as the Weekly Scoundrel. *gasp* <pause for dramatic effect> Writing about the comics was a labor of love, but, as so often happens, the spark has gone out and I’ve started to dread Wednesdays instead of looking forward to them. That said, we’ll be looking for someone to take up the mantel, so if you’re interested in that, or submitting anything Star Wars related to the website, just hit the “Submissions” button at the top of the page or send us an email. We hope to hear from all kinds of people about all kinds of things really soon! Now, enough with the blabbering, let’s get to the comics!

Mace Windu #3
mw3I maintain the best part of this series is the new droid assassin/bounty hunter, but this issue jumped Prosset up to a firm second. Starting out, though, it was cool to see General Grievous again, and I thought the writing really captured the character well. Plus, I enjoyed the palaver between him and AD-W4. I also thought the information sphere Grievous gives AD was pretty rad. Anyway, back to the *yawn* Jedi, Mace is fighting with the young, Ahsoka-like Rissa, they’re taking out droids, like they do, and then Mace takes a leap toward a big harvester…Rissa, for some reason, tosses her saber to him so Mace can do some badass dual-wielding–oh, he, uh, didn’t really even use it…okay…and then Rissa has to use a blaster ’cause she’s standing there like a chump with no lightsaber when more droids come for her. I’m not sure if I like that she named her saber or not – seems in line with her character, but also like something Mace might frown upon, though he doesn’t say anything about it. Getting back to Kit and Prosset, there’s really nothing going on with them, so, to make their lives more interesting, the DM puts a big crab-worm called a milodon in their way. I mean, neat, I dig creatures, but it seemed a little forced, even with the explanation that the roots that were pulled up by the Separatists was what was keeping it at bay previously. We see some more back-and-forth between Grievous and AD where AD pops some battle droids just for kicks and giggles, and then misleads Grievous by telling him he killed Master Windu. Like any good businessman, Grievous say he needs proof before adding high-level Jedi Master killing to AD’s payout – the proof he requires are the lightsabers of the Jedi he’s killed (most likely so he can add them to his collection and lie that he attained them in combat himself). Back to Mace and Rissa, they’re now safe and sound and have found the base of operations for the Separatists. Back with Kit and Prosset, they’ve destroyed the milodon, but found out all the natives are now dead. While AD and the droids are looking for the Jedi, they’ve reconvened at their ship to come up with the next part of their plan. While this happens, though, Prosset, my new hero, basically calls out Mace and the entire council for losing their way, for going against the true nature of the Jedi and getting caught up in the war – and, in my opinion, he is absolutely right…what he does wrong, though, if he’s going to attempt to uphold the true ideals of the Jedi, is draw his weapon and threaten Mace with it…if only he’d walked away because he didn’t believe in what they were doing rather than challenging Mace…*sigh* oh well, at least this book was better than the last two. I have to say, though, Mace is probably the worst character in his own comic, and Kit Fisto is literally just there for the name drop and eye candy…it’ll be interesting to see how this one turns out…

Darth Vader #7
dv7We’re finally getting some answers about the Inquisitors, at long last, but, make no mistake, this series is still very much all about Darth Vader. The issue begins with Vader teaching several of the inquisitors the vital lesson of loss by not only beating them in combat, but maiming them as well. We also learn that all inquisitors were ex-Jedi of some kind (perhaps other temple guards, perhaps padawans, maybe younger Jedi Knights, though I doubt any were ranked as high as Master). We also see a list of “those Jedi who may have survived Order 66″ in Aurebesh that shows several Jedi (or ex-Jedi) that we know to be alive, as well as Quinlan Vos (among others, I’m sure, I didn’t translate them all, but I’m sure someone has), which is quite interesting…will Vader go light-sider-turned-dark-sider-turned-back-to-light-sider hunting further into the series? That would be pretty cool. But, for the time being, the target, as we know from the last issue, turns out to be Jocasta Nu. When we see the aged Jedi in this issue, she’s busily recreating the Jedi archives by filling new holocrons with her wealth of stored knowledge. Then we find out she’s not alone, but with an assistant? boyfriend? partner in crime? that’s helping her with her newfound mission. Back at the former Jedi Temple with Vader & the Grand Inquisitor, we learn from the latter that he never liked Master Nu, finding her to be much like I imagine most viewers of Attack of the Clones, arrogant and elitist (she’s painted in a better light in the Clone Wars series, but in Episode II, she’s really not a very likable character). Vader sets the Grand Inquisitor to checking the archives for clues as to where Master Nu and other Jedi may be hiding, and then we’re back with said Jedi Master as she’s finished her new archive that we find out isn’t meant to be an archive at all, it’s a school. A New Jedi Academy, if you will…and then off she goes because, “A school needs students.” Then we get a back-and-forth between a conversation with Vader and the Emperor about how Jocasta Nu is the most important target currently because she knows everything, even some dark side stuff that makes her “little better than a witch,” and Master Nu herself slinking around Coruscant, performing a witch-like mind trick on a group of clones that makes her seem to disappear (and while she does it, for a little witch-like flair, she makes almost Dr. Strange-esque hand gestures rather than the traditional hand wave of the Jedi mind trick). We find out that, as the Emperor is prone to do, he hasn’t told people the whole truth: he doesn’t want Master Nu killed, he wants her captured so that he can harness the knowledge she keeps rather than losing it or risking it falling into the hands of anyone else. As we’re finding out about this little caveat, we see Master Nu coming into the former Jedi Temple through a secret door in a statue…and then the issue ends…of all the current series, I think I’m most intrigued by this one. Poe’s series has a lot of promise, as does the new direction of the flagship Star Wars series, but, once again, Darth Vader is becoming my favorite run, just like it was before it finished up last time…

And there you have it! My very last (well, maybe not, I may do series/arc reviews once full stories have been told) Weekly Scoundrel comic book review. Am I a little sad to say goodbye? Nah, it’s for the best…anyway, what did you think? Have you been waiting on pins and needles for a week to see what I had to say about the newest Mace Windu book, or did you forget it even existed? Either way, what did you think about it? Are you with me in thinking the series is almost completely pointless, or is it everything you’ve ever wanted in a Star Wars comic? And what about the new Vader run? Is it climbing your list of favorites as well, or do you find it to be the more pointless title? Give the books a thorough second read and let me know what you think in the comments below…and for the last time (at least for a while)…TWS out.


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