Rebels Review: Kindred & Crawler Commanders

Let me just start by getting this out of my system. . . WORLD DEVASTATORS!!! Ok, I’m good now. I’m seriously loving this season of Rebels. In past seasons, by now, the shock and joy of returning to this series had worn off. The filler episodes, (yes, I said it), seemed more plentiful and the story moved along in spurts. Season 4, not so much. At least to me. I’m enthralled by Ezra’s connection to animals. Kanan’s longing to just be with Hera is heartwarming. Sabine’s continued growth is simply awesome. This season has been my favorite by far. But enough of that, let’s get into the episodes.


What in the galaxy is going on in this one? While attempting to retrieve the stolen TIE Defender hyperdrive to get the fighter’s flight data recorder offworld, the Ghost Crew get some otherworldly help from some long-unseen Lothwolves.

Right from the beginning, I like this episode. Start one with the opening conversation between Hera and Kanan. Kanan’s hypothesis that the Ghost Crew keeps getting drawn back to Lothal is very interesting. It reminds me of an observation a character once had in Legends regarding to Tatooine. An inordinate amount of importance stuff happens there, as if the Force has a heavy presence on the planet. Maybe it’s the sane for Lothal.

Rukh. RUKH! Bringing this character back from Legends makes sense to me. As the personal assassin/agent for Thrawn in the Heir to the Empire Trilogy, it fits to have him in Rebels. He looks great, and his keen sense of smell was a great touch and throw back to Noghri in the old books. The fact that he was voiced by the immensely talented Warwick Davis makes it even better.

I’m also really digging the Lothwolves. Their ability to communicate, at least in some fashion, and their apparent connection to the Force is very interesting. That combined with the cave paintings depicting their interactions with other Force-users only deepens the lore in this rich universe. Then, combine all of that with the name of the episode, Kindred, it opens up a lot of possibilities.

Hera and Kanan finally kiss. There’s not much to say other than ‘about time’. But, I certainly hope it’s not the last time. *ominous music plays*

Again, we see Rebels take a bit of a fantasy turn when the wolves lead our heroes through a portal, crossing half the planet in moments. We’ve seen this sort of thing in past episodes, Yoda communing with Ezra comes to mind. While I think it can go a little too far into the realm of fantasy, I think its working at least a little better than it did in Legends. I had a good chat with Brian from Hyperspace Podblast about this. It seems when they venture into that genre, they’re trying to anchor it to the Force or the Jedi, rather than just randomly throwing it in there. We’ll see just how far they take it by the end of the series. Now, on to the next one.

Crawler Commanders

Did I mention World Devastators? I can’t remember. In an attempt to get a message to Rebel leadership, the Ghost Crew commandeer an industrial crawler to use it’s transmitter to send that signal.

Such a good episode. This series has continued to get more and more cinematic over time, it reminds me of the movie-like qualities of The Clone Wars. This crawler is huge, and it never stops looking huge. The scenes are grand and wide and keep you looking all over your screen while watching. The fact that they brought some moderately obscure vehicles into the canon was great. I’ve said in the past it would be dumb to have World Devastators in the New canon, but they found a way to do it well. They recycle Legends well.

The action continues to be non-stop when the crew takes over the crawler, and even more so when Kanan faces down the lightwhip-wielding foreman. Along with Zeb’s fist fight with him, it was one of the better fight scenes in the series. I also really enjoy seeing people coming together. The Empire is pushing the galaxy to the brink. We can see this when the former slaves, and even Vizago, choose to fight against the empire.

I have to wonder how close to Rogue One we’re getting now. When Hera is told the Empire evacuated an entire planet, it makes me think of their flight from Jedha. So, we’ve got to be close.


  • WORLD DEVASTATORS . . . okay I’m done.
  • The visuals in these episodes don’t slack off. It seems like Filoni and crew are pulling out all the stops.
  • Seeing more connections between this series and the greater installments of the saga is great. More scenes on Yavin 4 and even interactions with Saw Gerrara do a lot to make the whole story meld together well.
  • Deepening the lore is only making the Star Wars universe more and more interesting.


  • I worry we could go a little too far down the fantasy road, but I’ll ride along for now.
  • I would have liked a little more Rukh, but I’m still glad to have what we got.
  • That’s it. These were great.

That’s all I have for now. I’m bummed we’re going to be taking a break in another week, but I know we need to concentrate on The Last Jedi. So until next time, thanks for reading, and may the Force be with you.



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