Secondary Star Wars: The Temptation of Anakin Skywalker

Revenge of the Sith: Put yourself in Anakin’s shoes, emotionally and empathetically. Place the person or people you love most in Padmé’s place. Do you think you’d act as Anakin does? Why or why not?

Love is an extremely powerful emotion and it has the power to transcend all. When love meets human experience and enraptures those who care for one another, it becomes an unstoppable force. Yet, love sometimes pulls us in ways we don’t wish for or in ways that we don’t understand. In Revenge of the Sith, Anakin and Padmé’s relationship is one deeply filled with compassion and romantic intensity. But, it seems as if Anakin is blinded through his love for Padmé to abandon the hope and wisdom of the Jedi order to seek something he perceives to be even more powerful.

1483195339280550Anakin has a vision that Padmé is going to die in child birth and this thought bestows much fear and doubt upon the certainty of he and Padmé’s future together. His inability to rationalize these fears and put his faith in their love and the guiding force of the Jedi council causes him to begin to spiral out of control with growing anxiety. Still a rather young, inexperienced, and easily persuaded man, Anakin is an easy target for the Emperor. He knows Anakin is just a foolish kid in love, yet so powerful and beneficial in what he can bring to the reign of the Sith. All he has to do is pounce on the opportunity when the person Anakin values most is put in jeopardy. He is able to allure Anakin in, and Anakin soon becomes enthralled, passing up on love and being extremely lustful for power. He sees this as something he can achieve in joining the Dark Side, and hopes to persuade Padmé to join him. Yet, she understandably is completely dismayed by Anakin’s drastic change from a loving, compassionate spouse to a devious and greedy Sith.

maxresdefaultIf I were to put myself in Anakin’s shoes and empathize with him, I would definitely not choose the same path that he did. I understand his intentions in saving Padmé, but I hope that I would think more rationally to realize the devilish side I was joining and what I was putting at stake in return. I feel as if I would be able to have a better grip over my personal fears and anxiety than Anakin did. Consequently, I would be able to put myself in a situation where I could truly assess what the future may hold with the one I love in order to make the most reasonable decision possible. Rather than just easily giving into fear, anger, and aggression, I would hope that I could use the power of love positively to have supportive and reassuring conversations, rather than feeling like I had to carry another’s survival on my shoulders as Anakin felt he had to do.

Secondary Star Wars is a series of posts by high school students based off prompts or general reflections on various topics in Star Wars.


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