Home One Hangout #36:

We’re back after a long break. While Matt is overseas, Mike and Ryan take the wheel and do their best not to crash and burn.

After the intro, Mike drops some news about a change in the show. Starting with this episode, Home One Hangout will go back to being a bi-weekly show. Home One Crew Lounge has been retired and is being folded into Home One Hangout. The flagship show will once again be news AND discussion. While the number of shows being produced is decreasing, we want to focus on quality of content. So the shows will be longer with more info, and we’ll also be increasing our blog activity as well. So, we hope you enjoy the coming changes. Let us know what you think by hitting us up on Twitter or Facebook.

Opening up the show, the guys dive into the first half of Rebels Season 4. The cover their likes, dislikes, and speculation of where this show is heading. While we know some things about where certain characters are going, the future is still murky for others. How do you think the story for the Ghost Crew is going to end? Or will it.

Next, the guys discuss the what is likely the biggest announcement in Star Wars history since the Disney buyout: a new trilogy created by Rian Johnson. With this announcement, it seems Star Wars is truly heading into unknown territory. And, with Johnson at the helm, we’re all excited to see where this leads. Mike and Ryan speculate on where they could go, or not go, as well as what they’d like to see.

The, news that Bob Iger announced a live action Star Wars that’ll debut on the Disney streaming service in 2019 floored everybody. So of course the guys speculate and wish about their dream series.

We know everyone is excited about the opening of Galaxy’s Edge at the Disney parks in a couple years. Lucky for us, there will be a sneak peek for all to see on The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration on November 30th, on ABC at 9pm E/T. Words like “Star Wars” and “holiday” brought some mortal fears to the  surface for Ryan.

In the Game Room, the obvious topic comes up. EA. Oh EA. The escapades continue, even as this is being written. Honestly, this subject keeps changing so often, we can’t even keep up at this point.

Changes are coming to Galaxy of Heroes, with the new Unmasked Kylo Ren, a new Rey, and a cryptic sentence, “Make mine a double”, that has us scratching our heads about where they’re going next.

The discussion section includes Mike’s latest book readings as well as the latest TV spots for The Last Jedi. We also got some questions in from our great listener Raza, as well as our co-host Matt, who was indisposed for this episode. All around, this was a great episode to record.

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