Star Wars New Year’s Resolutions

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“New year, new you” doesn’t have to be all about a weight-loss and/or exercise plan, it could be all about how you want to change something about your fandom – whether it’s to put less stock in “canon” & keeping up with every little thing, or simply being more open-minded about what it means to be a “fan,” there’s probably something, big or small, all of us can do to make ourselves better fans (and, I would argue, better people) in 2018. With this in mind, we asked people on Twitter to give us their Star Wars New Years Resolutions, and, without further ado, here are the highlights (feel free to add your own in the comments below!):


HPB NewYearRes

Ryan @razakyren: To make more Star Wars friends on Twitter, to start up my podcast again, and to try to welcome new fans into the universe.

Soph @shlawrence12: Finish the New Jedi Order! (*cough #Vong4Life cough*)

Anonymous: Get a job at Lucasfilm. Watch Solo on opening night.

Ash Rendar @ersatzash: Read every new book release, write more Star Wars columns and videos, and make more Star Wars props.

Robin Vogt @mrvogtweets: Try not to consume as much Star Wars collectibles. With the Han Solo film up next, merchandise will be a plenty. My goal is to be more selective with the collecting that occurs…and make room for more exclusive items.

Anthony @StarWarsCasual: Finally read at least one EU book after putting it off for a long time. (I suggest the original Thrawn trilogy or, my personal favorite, Rogue Planet.)

Andrew Thomas Porg @theporgcast: Continue recording episodes of The Porgcast weekly (or as frequently as possible) to raise awareness about our fun feathery flip flappy friends. Keep fellow Porg Pals and Star Warriors in the loop by continuously updating @theporgcastofficial (Instagram) and @theporgcast (Twitter). Acquire all items of both officially licensed and unofficial porg merchandise, or as many as my bank account will allow. Create unboxing videos for The Porgcast YouTube channel to unveil these products and share the virtues of bringing porgs into your home and accepting them into your family. Continue to create porgs of my own through drawings, paintings, home made plushes and more. Consider creating porg fan fiction through comics, prose or audio on The Porgcast.

Michael Miller @My_ComicRelief: Be more mindful with my Star Wars consumption. Instead of trying to see and read it all, I’m just focusing on what I really want to see/read. I think it will increase my Star Wars fun! Keep up my re-reading of the entire EU. I’d like to read 10-15 EU novels next year, in and around my other reading.

Whitney Wickham@WhitneyWickham: To quit procrastinating and finish the Battlefront II campaign already, take more Rey photos, and make new costumes.

Michael Pasqual @800lbProds: Be as content as this guy.

Richard Urbanski @berskisolo: To finish my Luke costume, and join the Rebel Legion.

Bossk’s Bounty @bossksbounty: I’m planning on giving up locusts and grasshoppers, and move on to more luxurious lizard cuisine.

That’s a pretty eclectic list, right? We would like to thank all those who participated, and definitely recommend following all of them on Twitter (if that’s a thing you do) because they’re a great group of fans. If you’ve been inspired by any of these resolutions, or just want to add your two cents, please do so in the comments below…and, regardless of your plans for the new year (unless they’re sinister and/or evil), may the Force be with you…


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