Secondary Star Wars: Would you leave like Luke, or stay with Yoda?

The Empire Strikes Back: When Luke has his vision of his friends in danger, maybe dying on Cloud City, he immediately begins to prepare to leave Dagobah to help them. Yoda warns Luke to do so is to endanger their cause and all they fight for. Luke neglects Yoda’s warning and goes to save his friends. Put yourself in Luke’s shoes. What would you do? You are learning to be a Jedi from the Jedi Master Yoda who tells you it’s incredibly dangerous to go and save your friends – for you and them – yet you know they may die if you don’t go. What do you do? Why?

The Empire Strikes Back is undoubtedly a powerful film in the Star Wars saga, where Luke Skywalker begins to develop his Jedi skills and put them into practice under the instruction of the Jedi master, Yoda. When Luke’s friends appear to be in trouble, Luke naturally wants to go and save them. Honorable and wise, Yoda knows the dangers Luke will face if he chooses to leave Dagobah to save his friends. Not yet fully trained in the ways of the Jedi, Yoda knows that Luke will face his father, Darth Vader, ill prepared. Therefore, he will endanger their cause and all they fight for by trying to combat the powers of the dark side. But, when those he loves are in danger, what is the right decision for Luke? He decides to load up his X-Wing and go to Cloud City to protect his friends.

starwars1-900x382If I were in Luke shoes, I would naturally have the urge to go and save my friends too. They are an essential part of Luke’s life, as they are to mine. Yet, I would be somewhat held back by Yoda’s instruction not to go. I admire his wisdom, and respect his intelligence as he is the Jedi master. So, his plea to stay would still have some influence on my decision. But, I think I would ultimately agree with Luke and risk it all to save those I care about. If I don’t go, they may die. I think that this factor is what would prevailingly sway myself, as it did to Luke. Leia, Han, and Chewbacca were his support system, and I don’t think he could imagine life without them. He had no real family, so he relied on his friends to be there for him just as much as they wanted him to be there for them in that moment. For these reasons, if I were Luke I would make the same decision.

empire-strikes-backI also think that this was definitely a pivotal decision for Luke to make as it would cause him to fall into the trap set up by his father, Darth Vader, who was trying to lure him out of hiding. When Luke comes face to face with his father, he learns the extremely important lesson that he still did not have full knowledge of the Force. Darth Vader was able to use this against Luke, providing Luke with a great lesson to be learned. Now, he knows who is father is, and the amount of power he will have to gain to overcome him. Without this key interaction, based off a single decision Luke made, the entire Star Wars plot could be completely different. Therefore, I think I would make this same decision not only because I value my friends, but also because of the valuable hidden lesson it would teach me. From this experience I would be able to see my weaknesses, to the point of tearing down my ego out of the fear that I was becoming increasingly like my father in the same way that he was drawn to the dark side. Without making this decision, I could have kept a blind eye to the true power of the dark side and been easily defeated without knowing the truth of my father’s identity.

Secondary Star Wars is a series of posts by high school students based off prompts or general reflections on various topics in Star Wars.


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