5 Reasons Why We Should Be Excited for Solo: A Star Wars Story

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solo-star-wars-story-990x512If you haven’t seen the latest trailer for Solo, then go watch it right now. Now that you’ve watched it about a dozen times like me, let’s do this. (Disclaimer, this is not an exhaustive list. I have about a million reasons to be pumped for this movie)

1. The EU References

I’ll go ahead and get this one out of the way right off the bat. Despite an unsavory section of the Star Wars fandom that refuses to move forward and enjoy the new content, there is still a huge base of fans that were in love with the old Expanded Universe, now Legends. With nearly three decades of stories to fill in the gaps between films, there was a lot of stuff out there that brought us the backgrounds and futures of out favorite characters. And, as we’ve seen in Rebels and the films, Lucasfilm has not forgotten this content either.

From what we’ve seen in the teasers/trailers for Solo, elements of the EU have made their way into the latest installment from that galaxy far far away. Han joining the Empire, Lando owning the Falcon, sabacc, there’s a ton of it there. Even Tag and Bink are there for crying out loud! I suspect that even more may be on the way. It makes my EU heart pound, and I’m ready for more.

2. The Score (So Far)

When the first teaser dropped and that guitar riff blared out of the speakers, I was sold. I think everyone can agree that John Williams is the man when it comes to scoring movies. He’s been nominated for 51 Oscars. For real, he’s the best. But it’s not a bad thing to do things differently. Before you say I’m turning my back on him, he changed things up first. The Prequels definitely had something different. Some people didn’t like the use of electric guitars in Episode II, but I really thought it fit well. As well as the use of chorale elements. Plus, he’s still doing a theme for Solo, so he’s still there in more than just spirit.

Now, I know what we hear in the trailers is not necessarily what we will hear in the finished film, but a guy can hope. What we’ve been given so far feels very Han Solo to me. It looks like it matches the visuals very well, and the combination could be unforgettable.

3. Dat Falcon Tho

Have you ever wondered what a pristine Millennium Falcon looked like? I know I have. I was one of the people that truly enjoyed the Legends novel of the same name. But I never really got a good mental image of what it looked like fresh off the assembly line. But what they’ve given us, especially with the call backs to the genius work of Ralph McQuarrie, it looks amazing. The juxtaposition of a brand spanking new Falcon owned by Lando and what we saw for the first time in A New Hope leaves a lot to the imagination. Where did it go? What did it go through? What the heck did Han do to her? Maybe we’ll see

4. Lando

For real, do we even need to discuss this? Just seeing Lando in that fur coat looking suave as all get out was enough to make me spend a whole paycheck on movie tickets. With the new trailer I finally got my wish for Lando dialogue, and I was not disappointed. “Everything you’ve heard about me is true”. COME ON! How freaking smooth.

But to get serious, the future Administrator of Cloud City has been a fan favorite for decades. It doesn’t help that Billy Dee Williams is just about the coolest guy around. I saw him at Celebration Orlando, and everything you’ve heard about HIM is true too. But now Donald Glover will bring this character back to us, and so far, I think hes got it. He’s got the look, the body language, and I truly believe he will do the character justice.

5. Han & Chewie

The first bro duo of Star Wars. The fact that we’re finally getting a movie where we are really going to see these two working together is great. Let’s be honest, Chewie is just kind of there in the other films. I’m not saying he’s not an integral part of the story and the team, but sometimes he’s just a really useful sidekick (Lucas did get his inspiration for the character from a dog after all). But in Solo, he really looks to be a full fledged character. The dialogue between the two is hilarious in the trailer, especially when Han learns Chewie’s age and ability to fly. I died laughing.

So, I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for opening night. I always tell myself I won’t watch all the TV spots and stuff, just so I can save something for the movie. But, I know I’m lying to myself. I want more. I hope you’re as stoked as I am. You might want to buckle up, baby.


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