Secondary Star Wars: Gotta Have Faith-uh, Faith-uh, Faith-uh!

All Films: How does faith play a role in Luke and/or Anakin’s journey? What do they put their faith in? Why? What are the results of their faith? You may draw your examples from one or several films.

Faith plays a big role in the Star Wars stories with Luke, Anakin — and Rey. The title of the first movie following Luke’s journey is called A New Hope; Luke originally has faith that he and Obi-wan can save Princess Leia. Later, he has faith in the Force to guide him where to shoot his proton torpedoes to destroy the Death Star. Luke’s journey as a Jedi required a lot of faith in the unknown, and being ready for anything. From torpedo shot to Yoda’s training, Luke had to have faith in order to become the Jedi he returned as.

screen-shot-2015-03-23-at-10-24-22-am-1024x436Anakin was young and reckless, to say the least, but he had to have faith too. In his journey, he had faith in Obi-wan’s teachings. Anakin also had faith in the Chancellor, and his not being an evil Sith Lord (though I think he would have trusted him and followed him even if he was the Sith Lord…oh wait). He also had faith in the breathing device he wore after his tragic accident. I don’t think Vader had faith in becoming one of the greatest villains ever (along with Heath Ledger’s Joker portrayal, imo), but he became one anyway.

changing-of-the-lightsabers8-1536x648Rey’s journey required a lot, and I mean a lot, of faith. She had faith that BB-8 was the astromech he said he was. She had faith in Finn’s shooting in the Falcon…well, more or less. She had faith that her parents would return to Jakku. Rey also had faith in Luke, faith that he would train her, and that he’d help the Resistance.

But Rey, Luke, and Anakin/Vader weren’t the only ones to have faith; Poe, Han, Sabine, Obi-wan, Qui-gon, Ezra, Lando, Finn, and several other characters in Star Wars put faith in several things, including the three Jedi journeys I’ve already discussed. In all the Star Wars stories, faith is a major reason the characters have hope, the hope for the restoration of the galaxy.

Secondary Star Wars is a series of posts by high school students based off prompts or general reflections on various topics in Star Wars.


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